Jon M. Chu: Justin Bieber Wanted to Hit Paparazzi [Interview]

justin bieber jon m chu

Director Jon M. Chu talks about Justin Bieber’s behavior at the Believe premiere at Regal Cinemas in LA.

When asked by reporter what are some of the things that media get wrong about Justin, Jon said:

I think when he cracks to the paparazzi in London, we have the moment of that in the movie.. he really wanted to hit the guy. The guy was harassing him all day. He learnt thats what they wanted it. They made so much money from that shot.

When asked by reporter why Justin’s getting all the bad rep in media, Jon said:

He’s always been a trouble-maker. Lets be real, he loves to cause trouble.. he loves to get away with trouble — but he’s charming as hell. He’s not a bad person.


BELIEVE movie in theaters on Christmas day.

  1. Well they were harrasing him so of course he would defend himself.i would do the same thing i can’t stand the paparazzi lol and at least jon was being honest :)

  2. When they showed the video of the pap on TV news and gossip shows, they only commented on what Justin said ignoring what that pap said to him that made him angry; I saw that on fox and other stations. They covered up what the pap said. This shows how dishonest some people in media are.

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