Justin Bieber ‘All That Matters’ Official Music Video!

Justin Bieber turns up the temperature in the steamy video for “All That Matters,” the second release in his #MusicMondays series. He gets intimate with his sexy co-star, played by 19-year-old model Cailin Russo.

In the the clip directed by Colin Tilley, Justin shows off his chiseled chest, serenades his lady on guitar, and goes in for the kiss in one scene that’s bound to make Beliebers jealous.

Justin previously debuted a viral clip for the same song, which was shot on the Great Wall of China by Alfredo Flores.

What do you think of Justin’s latest video?

  • Jaiden B

    ~ Breath Taking ~. OMB !!!!!!

    • Jodie810

      People say kids can’t watch this but there is much worse in charts right now! I ❤ justin

      • http://Bliebersangaisnt1D.com Bees

        So true

  • jdb

    good job thought it was going to be more sexual that i could not show my mom lol still dont know if i can but oh well !

    • Kalani

      It’s not that sexual. It’s okay. Pls you see other artist getting very sexual with the girls in the video. It’s not that bad. It’s very tasteful video. Other music artist you see. They have girls half naked or there in bed with a different guy.

    • ME

      dude would lie if i didnt say i got crazy watching that.. felt like when someones kissing your neck.. o baby jaaa anyways it was tight! love you justin:* muackkk

  • Diane77

    Wow! that sure was sexy…

  • LM Bieber

    im so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!but great job justin u look soooooooooooo sexy in this video but lovd the video

  • halima

    that sure was it justin ur amazing i love u and that girl is so licky lol ur my star

  • Belieber

    Wow! that was so perfect. I loved it. #Sexy

  • brieana

    Justin!!!! I’m soooooooooooo MAD I haven’t seen the video for all that matters yet I wanna watch it but the YouTube won’t let me I wanna try and do this for you like we did for baby and boyfriend but I can’t watch the video…..

  • Believe19swag

    Wow. Ombbbieber nice hot sexy music video

  • Rebecca Bieber

    So hot Justin, I Love youuuu <3 Belieber Forever

    • Kalani

      The video is super hot and sexy. Love the video. He’s super talented. Oh my goodness justin.

    • Kalani

      Damn Justin it’s very seductive and hot.

  • anabella caro escobar

    OMG!! i like :) very beautiful justin my love :) <3

  • Sinthia

    the Kids can’t watch this.

    • http://Bliebersangaisnt1D.com Bees

      Says u

  • Jacob

    Yeah! He shouldve been shirtless whole time

  • brieana

    I don’t know what to say finally watched the video for all that matters speechless justin you make me love you even more!!!!! Love it great job very manly YOU are absolutely amazing and that’s the truth and I agree younger beliebers can’t watch this one. When you smile I smile !!!! PROUD of how far you’ve come. Never say never!!!!!!

  • Kendra

    Younger beliebers can’t watch this but us teens can yay

    • http://Bliebersangaisnt1D.com Bees

      There’s no age limit 2 who can & can’t watch the music video

    • http://Bliebersangaisnt1D.com Bees

      Says who?

  • Zoey

    Beliebers LETS BREAK THE VEVO RECORD!!! Go go go go! Keep watching over and over!

  • Liliana

    Is a good music video, I like it. I love you so much Justin.

  • Kimberly hater girl

    He needs the help of the lord because i can see that the devil is taking over him and it’s Just sad Jesus is offering him help but He seems to be rejecting his offer :(

    • Kalani

      No he’s not. It’s a video. Justin loves what he does.

      • Kimberly hater girl

        Oh really kalani you call tattoos Going to strip clubs and fu#king prostitutes Obeying the lord noo that is the devil working with him god is very upset right now

      • Kalani

        Seriously, that’s justin having fun. He’s works really hard. He deserves to have fun. Besides it’s his body. No one can tell him not to get tats. As far as strippers well he’s a guy. What do you expect justin to do stay at home and twirl his fingers. Besides a lot of his friends go out. Why can’t he.

    • RenesmeBieber

      That is so irrelevant. This has nothing to do with the Lord. Pardon me, but is it now a sin to be sexually romantic with a girl? Last time I checked, it wasn’t. He has tattoos, yes but they each have meaning. And the whole prostitute scandal? That was TMZ. They paid the stripper money to fake up a story. And also, sleeping with prostitutes?? The girl crept into his room and took a video because he had a party the previous night. Please, look into your facts before you make bold statements. I understand you are a religious character, as am I but he is not rejecting any offer. What he does with his life is none of your business and if he decides to sin, let him make his own mistakes.

      Psalm 37:24: Though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong, for the Lord upholds his hand.

      Just a thought I’ll leave you with.

      • dchopsey

        RenesmeBieber, nothing is irrelevant when it comes to GOD. Sexual realtionships with out marriage is TOTALLY IMMORAL; but that is not what this WORLD teaches; promiscuity & lust. The world says everything is okay. When it comes to the tattoos; Read Leviticus Chapter 19, verses 26-31. When tattoos of idols that people perceive as gods; is IDOLATRY; if that is what you meant of “have meaning”. Yes TMZ is at fault when it comes to the LIES that are spread about Justin, like sleeping with prostitutes. I agree with you comment, that Justin wants to live his life by promoting things of the world, that is “his choice”, Just do not ever say that things are irrelevant when it pertains to GOD.

      • ME

        i agree hes a human the mes up nd idk y people hav to judge him so much for all yal religiuos ppls only god can judge u watch what u doing before u b judging my babe when your perfect coment again nd then judge .. ja so what im saying is never comment again bitch

      • RenesmeBieber

        dchopsey, I apologise if I made it seem that I saw saying that God is irrelevant, what I meant was the point this person was making was irrelevant. Don’t get me wrong, living by God’s will is correct and sinning is totally disrespectful and I understand your point but by making statements about Justin when they’ve no idea what truly happened is a bit stupid, don’t you think?

    • dchopsey

      I don’t believe that the devil is taking over Justin. The world and it’s secularism is though. Justin believes in GOD, that is for sure. But just like man; sometimes the things of the world seem more important than following the path of GOD. The song is AWESOME; the video is too provocative; it promotes promiscuity & lust. But the world; especially the entertainment business is leading society in that direction and it seems to have influenced Justin to make videos of that sort.

      • m l

        I think you have a good grip on the whole picture. something is wrong with Justin. this behavior everyone is going on about is not the Justin we have known for the last several years. something is bothering him. he would never have been late for a show in the past. listening to his new songs gives me a strong clue to his problem and I am getting very worried about him. I am afraid of what he might eventually do. this is why will smith is councilling him every week. at this point he needs help to get him to the end of his tour in one piece. will smith is very perceptive and sees Justin is heading for some serious trouble and is trying to get him to the end of his tour. he is very lucky he has will in his corner. scooter is justins friend but is looking at this more from a dollars and cents point of view… will smith has the right idea. lets hope will can keep him together.

      • http://Bliebersangaisnt1D.com Bees

        I’m in that cult that justin Bieber started ( well I had 2 join because my sister was dating the one true Bieber)

    • Bieber beauty

      Yea I saw the comment about tattoos but I know a lot of people who has tattoos that worship god but he loves god just watch never say never

  • Sarah Bieber

    It’s a nice videoon its own, but I don’ see the connection to the song

  • Justin’s belieber

    Love this vid so amazing

  • Melina

    Love the song, and the video. I enjoyed it!

  • Minu94

    Awsome video and the song i love it love you justin <3 <3

  • Sassy

    Firstly, I am a Justin fan!! lol

    Love Justin and this song, but the video just isn’t doing it for me.
    The video doesn’t tell a story, it’s all about her looking sexy.

    The serious, sultry type Justin just looks forced and a bit conceited.

    Bring back the cheeky, flirty with the killer smile Justin.

    Just MY personal opinion! lol

    • jessie bieber


    • http://Bliebersangaisnt1D.com Bees


  • letteicia belieber

    eu achei a parte dele sem camisa

  • Christine S.

    Ive been a beleiver since lik 2008 n the vid was ok. Its just i get a litte quesy when i realize that , that girl could b one of us but…. it never is. :(

  • boybelievebelieber

    I think its good, and im a boylieber. as Justin gets older his music is going to get more deep and maybe not appropriate for some kids. those kids will have to watch and listen to what they can. Justin is almost 20. I don’t think he will be making songs like baby anymore.


    Justin Bieber is true artist !

  • ifnan

    hot or not
    justin is breakin’ the history…
    go justin break the records……..


    He just wanna kill me or maybe even all of his BELIEBERS! :) But the video is very good except that the whole time I;m wishing to be her( the girl in the video) :(

  • Kimberly hater girl

    Devil worshiper he is illuminati,songs and videos and having sex with prostitutes that’s just sad ohhh i will pray for Justin to see the light of god because he really needs Jesus

    • Kalani

      Um she wasn’t a hooker. She’s a model you fool. What justin does on his off days. It should be no one business. But his and those around him. It’s not like he’s going to say okay. My fans mean the world to me. So I’ll stay at home and play video games with my boys. You see other celeb going out. So he should go out to.

    • Belieber

      He is not in the illuminati, nor is he a devil worshiper. He loves God. Just stop judging him. Its just a music video. If your so religious and dont like what he is doing. Just leave. We dont like you complaining here.

    • Bieber beauty

      He has Jesus of god didn’t send scooter to come across his video on YouTube I wouldn’t be typing this now he has The Lord

    • http://Bliebersangaisnt1D.com Bees

      U don’t know anything about him

  • ivan

    Just as Justin Timberlake went from pop to R and B when he got older and did very well, so Bieber is doing the same thing showing he is creative and not stuck on same type of pop that made him famous [good music by the way even Baby]. He also can attract an older crowd since pre teens and teens are too much into the ‘cute’ thing and leave as soon as another cute guy comes into the picture. This has happened over and over even with Justin Timberlake who now attracts an older crowd.

    • oh puhleez! don’t compare JB to Justin Timberlke! Timberlake has REAL talent. Justin doesn’t.

    • http://Bliebersangaisnt1D.com Bees

      I’m a preteen and I am one of justin bieber’s most devoted fans I didn’t stop being a fan of him when one direction got famos