Justin Bieber “All That Matters” PARODY by Bart Baker

Justin Bieber All That Matters Parody 1

Here’s Justin Bieber – “All That Matters” PARODY by Bart Baker.

Justin Bieber All That Matters Parody

  1. Wow, this is just plain rude! I liked the What About Love parody better than this. Cuz it’s pretty obvious he hates Justin but in What About Love I actually laughed cuz atleast he wasn’t making fun of Austin.

  2. lol wow this is pathetic.bart baker is just another wanna be Justin bieber.its not even funny its just rude and he cant sing lol hes just jealous bcuzz he will never be as popular and BIG as Justin

  3. @ Hannah Bieber will u still be a belieber when justin is married ??????? Because I will….. I am supporting justin forever…..

  4. Used to like bart baker’s parodys… but when i saw this? :$ bart baker wtf I’m sure you haven’t even met Justin Bieber so don’t hate on him. Hate on him if you actually MET him you douchebag find yourself a normal job

    • You know this video is pretty upsetting im not very happy about it none of us are but i dont thin justin would want us to be rude to the man we font have to support the video if you dont like this dont watch his videos! KILL EM WITH KINDNESS!!!

  5. I laughed at some parts, not the Anna Frank one (worse than what Justin said) and the spit on fans part. The parts with the water bottle was funny… that’s about it. The point of a PARODY is to make fun of a song or person so I wasn’t too upset.

  6. I’m glad Justin is a christrian and believes in god and continues to stay humble and hang around the right people and his family!!! I love you JB and will support you even when your married and have kids!! You wouldn’t even be famous if it wasn’t for God

  7. I so have to agree with you @batoolbelibes u are so right I’ve been in the belieber family fan base since the beginning of justin carrier he doesn’t deserve any hate whatsoever at all neither does selena I love justin and selena both haters are jerks.

  8. Omg all of you need,ti calm the f#ck down it’s a f#cking parody . It’s suppose to be a stupid Video even bart parker said that the people he actually makes fun of in his parody he actually is a fan of them and he also said that he doesn’t even mean the stuff he says in his videos

  9. This is another stupid video from someone i never heard of. It just keeps people believing he did those things like spit on his fans. Parody is fine if it’s not to trash someone.

  10. This is supposed to be a Belieber site? It looks like this site is being managed by haters. I don’t agree with the PARODY. It should be taken off. It’s not funny.

  11. Guys please dont be stupid. These things are true. Justin did this things he peed on the bucket or spit on the fans .you just think about it .yes I am a belieber and i will be always belieber. And it is just for fun. So please dont dramatize

  12. Guys, come on, it’s a parody video it is supposed to be funny. Yeah, it won’t be funny to everyone but cool off, it’s all for fun :)

  13. well , bart baker always makes fun of a celebrity while making parodies , except WHAT ABOUT LOVE , all his videos SUCKS !.he always makes fun of justin and i hate that ,
    but this hate makes our love : bigger , better , stronger , POWER :)
    forever with justin , no matter what!.

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