Justin Bieber More than an Hour Late for Melbourne Show, Report Says

Justin performing in Melboune, Australia December 2, 2013

Justin performing in Melboune, Australia December 2, 2013

Justin Bieber reportedly 70 minutes late for Melbourne show at Rod Laver Arena last night.

Justin was due on stage at 8.30pm with a tentative end time of 10pm. According to News.com.au, he finally arrived on stage at 9.40pm with no apology to fans or mention of his lateness. The show did not finish until after 11pm.

From the Heraldsun:

IF Justin Bieber wants to shake his growing reputation as an ungrateful brat someone needs to teach him how to use a watch not a spray can.

Bieber was 70 minutes late coming on stage at Rod Laver Arena last night. In case he has failed to notice 95% of his audience are schoolkids.

Finally gracing fans with your presence at 9:40pm on a Monday, meaning your show finishes at 11pm on a school night is just plain disrespectful and ignorant.

According to reports, Australian Big Brother’s girl Tahan Lew making Justin Bieber late for his gig.

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