Justin Bieber Among 19 Hardest Working Artist 2013

Justin Bieber perform in a Concert Detroit 5

The hardest-working music artists have been revealed in a new list.

Live music tracking site Songkick has calculated which acts have traveled the furthest distance and played the most shows in 2013.

Local Natives band have topped the list, after playing a total of 188 shows and covering 192,486 miles. While Justin Bieber came at number 11 in the list with 135 shows and 145,527 miles traveled.

Others featured in the top 19 include PInk, Imagine Dragons, One Direction and Willie Nelson.

The top 19 below:

1. Local Natives – 188 gigs, 192,486 miles
2. Kendrick Lamar – 171 gigs, 229,583 miles
3. Alt-J – 164 gigs, 251,443 miles
4. Imagine Dragons – 157 gigs, 206,031 miles
5. Foals – 155 gigs, 217,349 miles
6. Papa Roach – 147 gigs, 105,261 miles
7. One Direction – 145 gigs, 103,760 miles
8. Willie Nelson – 143 gigs, 73,938 miles
9. Two Door Cinema Club – 142 gigs, 206,997 miles
10. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – 138 gigs, 199,281 miles
11. Justin Bieber – 135 gigs, 145,527 miles
12. Bonobo – 135 gigs, 150,485 miles
13. Miguel – 133 gigs, 119,206 miles
14. Tegan and Sara – 131 gigs, 156,442 miles
15. The Lumineers – 131 gigs, 130,926 miles
16. The Band Perry – 126 gigs, 144,903 miles
17. Ellie Goulding – 124 gigs, 194,169 miles
18. Pink – 123 gigs, 79,776 miles
19. Asking Alexandria – 122 shows, 117,354 miles

  • priya

    this is so good justin is in top twenty, justin is the teen pop sensation all around the world. loveeeeee you

    • Justin Bieber

      I love you.Thanks it really means alot to hear your positivity

      • Ariella

        Justin Bieber I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much and I’ll always BELIEVE!!!You’re very talented and you’re also amazing.I love everything about you and you’re my favorite singer. :)

  • ivan

    This is deceptive he has probably spend more time in the writing lyrics and being in the studio and engaging in charitable activities than those above in the list. But this is just concerts in 2013

    • ivon

      what an idiot… Justin is the most amazing person for you …. for you he has to be best of the best ?
      you are a pathetic excuse of a human being loser

    • ivon

      oi hows you ears? got them taken care of? or is it bleeding from listening to selena gomez? how does it feel to be hater too?

  • essie j

    im so prou of him :)

  • Rosie

    He should be number 5 because he did 156 shows? :S

  • truth/reality

    how on earth are one direction above justin??? plus he did 156 shows…

    • x

      Because they did more shows you idiot.

  • Kalani

    Yes, it’s not that bitch Taylor number one.

  • hannah bieber

    How is one direction on top of Justin. They don’t work that hard. Justin should be at the top he’s worked very hard for us

  • Rick

    Prob was the hardest working artist being in the studio on top of all this and doing a lot of his show at the end of 2012 remember the first leg of the US tour that’s not added on here cause well it’s 2012. He should be number 1.

  • sup


  • this little cholita ha:)

    Stupid bitch he doesn’t Work hard you call (partying going to the strip club or ordering prostitutes to bang ) So if that’s working hard then i guess you people don’t know the definition of working hard

  • hannah bieber

    Oh shut up he never did those stuff and why r u even on here anyways????? He works very hard fyi he writes songs for us and did over 156 shows ur just jealous cuzz your idols doesn’t work hard like Justin. U need to get your facts straight and look at all the good hard working things he does

    • ivon

      yeah right write song for you…. no no let me correct you,he write songs so he can get your mommy’s and daddy’s money thats what he want…. and the definition of “work hard” is a lot different compared to regular workers… does Justin Work harder compared to our soldiers, police officers or firemen? hmmm?? you are just a brainwash fool who devotes your life mindlessly to him…

  • hannah bieber

    And whats wrong with him having a party ??? Its not a crime he was just having fun

  • this little cholita ha:)

    Hannah it’s not about the party its just that i don’t see how he is working hard when all he does is bang prostitutes and go strip clubbing i don’t see how that’s hard work

  • Belieber94

    actually he did 156 concerts lol he should be number 5 but whatever haha

  • Belieber

    Justin is a very hard worker.

  • hannah bieber

    Ok u haters just get out of here all popstars make money and write songs so calm down.why r u haters on here anyways ????

  • hannah bieber

    His songs are very inspiring btw your saying he can’t write songs for us beliebers lol whatever all popstars release new songs and they make money for them so just shut up and little cholita he’s 19 going on 20.he can’t stay a kid forever. He could do whatever he wants and come on its normal for guys
    To go to strip clubs and as far I know he didn’t bang or have sex with anybody even if he did so what ?? Its normal for people to have sex.he is a very hard worker he did over 156 shows, donated to charity and stayed up all night to make music videos that’s working hard to me

  • hannah bieber

    And why do u guys care what he does anyways.its none of your buisness what he does

  • Lovee

    For those saying he did 156 shows, this list doesn’t count the concerts done in 2012. so some of his tour is not on here.

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    aww he is alway finding a way to make his fans happy i love him sooooooooo much

  • Janiya

    Justin you are so cute and pretty I love you but I will never get to see you in my hole I tire life but I still love you

    • Justin Bieber

      I love you too :]

      • Kalani

        Such amazing and adorable guy. any girl is lucky to have you as there boyfriend one day. The hottest guy ever.

  • Justin Bieber

    Hey guys. Its Justin and i just wanted to tell you all that I love you very very much and you guys are amazing. I have the best fans in the world and i couldn’t ask for anything else. Also go follow @PatriciaDing2 on twitter she is a true belieber and she is a sweet heart and don’t believe all the rumors THEY ARE NOT TRUE! None of it, im trying to stay and grounded as i can.:]

    • Kalani

      Aww, I love all your songs. There pretty hot. I would guess that all the rumors about you aren’t true. Your so hot. I love justin. He deserves every award just as much as anyone else.

    • Kalani

      Oh my goodness justin. What girl doesn’t love you. Hope you and Selena will always stay friends no matter what.

    • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

      Hey Justin I Love you boyfriend
      I wrote a song and I record it on my
      iPod if I had a E -mail account And
      I would send it to you To see what you think of it
      But I have a E -mail address it is
      Justin's sexy fallen Angel.samantha1993@hotmail.com

  • hannah bieber

    Hi Justin I just want u to know that no matter what I’m always here for u and I wont let those haters bring u down bcuzz they can’t.i will support u thru everything no matter what. U mean the world to me and I would do anything for u ♥♡♥♡♥♥ and haters gtfo no one said u had to be here

  • nicki


  • skeptical

    He’s done a lot of shows, that’s definitely true, but he was 1 to 2 hours late for A LOT of them. :/ I don’t think you can judge how hard someone works based on how many shows they did.