Justin Bieber at Laugh Factory, Gets On Stage With Comedian Chris D’Elia

Justin Bieber Laugh Factory

Justin Bieber Hits Laugh Factory, Gets On Stage With Comedian Chris D’Elia

Saturday night in L.A., comedian Chris Delia had quite a surprise for his audience when he brought Justin Bieber on stage at the Laugh Factory… and the crowd loved every minute of it. Justin seemed to enjoy it as well

Justin Bieber Chris Delia

  1. Now that’s the justin I know and love…… kidrauhl……….. always smiling with every intention not too….. that justin is my idol the one I’ve been waiting to see all along SEEMS like he’s back to his old self. No one bothering him just kidrauhl and his team no papz involved. Just himself. Love u justin.

  2. oh that is so cute. Justin seems to be having some fun in a long time. He deserves it, after all the shit he’s been going through because of the freaking media.

  3. Justin have so much fun on that day. It was an ospicious day for me that justin had a fun and funny day on 14 december. love u ;)

  4. justin bieber bored performing i think should find some else to do but still he my favorite singer still think he amazing singer love em your bigest fan elisa

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