Justin Bieber BELIEVE Movie Made $1.25 Million on Opening Day. Flop?

Justin Bieber’s  BELIEVE opened on Christmas Day with $1.25 million in sales (playing in 1000 theaters), ranking 14th at the box office, according to the BOX Office Mojo. Compare to previous concert film, Never Say Never, made $12 million on its opening day and $30 million on its opening weekend (playing in 3100 theaters).

Via WSJ:

“Believe” made just $1.25 million in ticket sales its opening day in theaters, an average of a paltry $1,200 per theater. Expectations for “Believe” were fairly low, but this kind of weak Christmas Day performance was still unexpected. It wasn’t even among the top 10 movies in theaters on Christmas, finishing 14th in total box office.

It seems that Open Road Films, the studio releasing “Believe,” suspected they had a stinker on their hands because they only put the movie in 1000 theaters across the country. The mere fact that Open Road is the studio releasing the film could be interpreted as a sign of Hollywood’s declining faith in Bieber. Bieber’s first film, “Never Say Never,” which was released in 2011, was distributed by a major studio, Paramount. It made more than $12 million at the box office its opening day and was released in more than 3100 theaters across the nation. “Never Say Never” went on to make $73 million in total ticket sales (in the US). “Believe” will likely struggle to make more than $25 million when all is said and done.

Is Believe movie a flop? Do you think the Open Road Films should’ve released the BELIEVE movie in more theaters?

Support Justin, watch BELIEVE movie in your local movie theater.

  • serbian belieber

    its just the beginning ;)

    • aakriti belieber

      you are right it is only the beginning

    • nevaeh

      I agree this is the beginning wait until a couple of weeks and you will have more money than that

    • rob

      It average less then 50 people per showing. If people wanted to see it they would have been there. ANYWAY you look at it its a flop!

  • aakriti belieber

    it is only the first day how could you say that #believemovie is flop, wait for some days and then see, what justin bieber can do.


      it’s true!it’s just the 1st day so just chill.Justin’s got the thing 2 make his movie a grand hit!!

  • BeLiBeR

    he will ROCK it Out……………………………. !!! <3

  • kathleen love justin bieber

    what? do you say what?rock it out (y)

  • wenderly khalifa swaggy

    i love justin bieber soo much

  • stringbiebs

    If it flops it’s not the movies fault… they should have released it like a normal movie. The movie is every good, even if it flops because of money, the reviews on it are going to be incredible.

    • ivan

      That’s the key word, it was not released as a normal movie. A lot of his fans could not see it on opening day since they depend on their parents to see it; also, it has a third of the movies places that Never Say Never had so they can’t be complared. Also, since when is 25 million over the long run for a 4 million budget movie a failure?
      The point is it will do much better over the coming weeks and do better than films that were promoted way more such as Selena’s The Getaway.
      Keep in mind also this is the type of movie that would appeal to fans, not persons who like action movies, horror, or fantasy films.

      • stringbiebs

        I agree. I mean I know he’s not as big as he was in NSN but the way the released it was a major reason it didn’t make much.

      • John Kerby

        The movie is only playing till Sunday says the dir. of movie

      • tokie

        You nailed it. Your right. Too many things to be considered. I watch the movie today. And it was good. I just wished they focused a little more on the everyday. I like watching those bits.

  • kool

    this is the beginning of the end

  • Belieber

    this is just the beginning

  • hasti

    Hello there Justin author of this site?

  • Ariella

    I love Justin Bieber’s movie BELIEVE!!!It was the best movie I’ve ever seen!! :) I just read the story about both Never Say Never and BELIEVE.The Never Say Never was like everywhere and BELIEVE was only in a few placec but I love both movies.BELIEVE was an awesome movie!!I love Justin’s movies know matter what!!

  • andrea

    je me demande si sortir ce flm un 25 decembre a ete un bonne idée quand toute le monde est a la fete de noel j’ai vue le premier de justin never say never il était formidable le deuxième est un peux moins bon que le premier mais je lui donne 8 sur 10 pour les personnes qui n’on jamais vue justin en show alors allez voir ce film avec un membre de votre famille et vous allez passer un belle journée vous allez voir que croire est possible quand on le veux vraiment

  • andrea

    je me demande si sortir ce flm un 25 decembre a ete un bonne idée quand toute le monde est a la fete de noel j’ai vue le premier de justin never say never il était formidable le deuxième est un peux moins bon que le premier mais je lui donne 8 sur 10 pour les personnes qui n’on jamais vue justin en show alors allez voir ce film avec un membre de votre famille et vous allez passer un belle journée vous allez voir que croire est possible quand on le veux vraiment

  • fuki

    honestly the fact that it was released on the twenty fifth is another reason why not many people went to see it, i mean most beliebers depend on their parents to take them or whatever and not many parents are going to take their kids to the movies on Christmas day i could be wrong but yeah…

  • Day Day

    I am going to watch it tomorrow. :)

  • lambor500S

    Great movie. Good. Job Justin and his team

    Much Love!

  • Mariah Bieber

    In one day damn…It’s just the beginning imma watch it again…lol..I luved it i cried..:D It was really good proud of my Baby Justin<333

  • lambor500S

    Not a flop at all just haters doing what they do best is hate.

  • honey

    Well it all depends on the final turnout when the movie is opened everywhere and when it’s taken out theaters the overall amount of revenue plus it was released on Christmas Day how many people are really going to the movies on Christmas and plus it’s only to be out in theaters for a week in US

  • nicki

    OMG! That is amazing. Alot of my friends said that is Amazing and Cool. I agrree but I still want to see it too. The movie is going tobe the best. Also alot of movies came out on Christmas Day. We luv you Justin.

  • #1 beleiber 4 ever

    I love this move. It’s so F ing awsome.

  • hannah bieber

    well never say never was bigger than believe and was in the theatres longer… so that might be why but the movie is only playing for one week.and Justin should’ve not released it on Christmas day bcuzz a lot of people are celebrating and spending time with friends and family so not a lot of beliebers were able to watch it but its just the beginning …

  • Bieber’s girl

    noo..its not flop..its just that it is not released in huge countries like india..it will releasse in feb here..its just the beginning! :)

  • Purple Ninja

    A. It was only released in about 1,500 theaters, I have a 45 minute drive to the nearest theater that is playing.
    B. IT’S CHRISTMAS DAY!!!! My parents didn’t let me go see that movie on Christmas. No one wanted to get out of the house on a holiday. This weekend the movie will do better, watch.

  • Jen

    Uh it being released on Christmas isn’t an excuse…. Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, Django Unchained…. they all made way more and even Justin’s previous movies did better. Tons of people go see movies on Christmas, more than you’d like to admit cuz I work in a theater part time. His popularity is declining. Happens to everyone. The mass appeal of him is going down and his fan-base is thinning out. It’s nothing against him or his talent, he’s just not the ‘IT’ thing anymore. It was gonna happen eventually.

    • stringbiebs

      But what about the fact it was barely played everywhere, it’s not just the day it was released. Also most people don’t even know about it unless they have a Twitter, it barely had any previews.

  • kiara

    I think your movie is cool u tell us about yourself

  • kiara

    Kick me sometimes

  • nishi

    I am so sad because i can’t watch Believe in theaters.But i am waiting to buy the DVD.luv u my bieber.

  • BelieberDude96

    I have yet to see it myself, though my friends who have are raving about it and really are pushing me to see it myself. I hope I get a chance to! I feel as though releasing it on Christmas Day was not the best decision; most people are at home with family that day, not out and about with time to see a movie. I’m sure it did better the day after Christmas, and will continue that way throughout the week. Regardless, those who want to see it will be extremely satisfied, and the movie still will have made a sizeable profit.

  • TrueBieber Babe

    First of all the movie its self is a good movie. Just as a good as NeverSayNever. I believe a lot of parents did not like all the negative press that surrounded Bieber this year. The monkey, the peeing in buckets, the wild parties and fights with neighbors. A lot of the #Beliebers got #FilmFridays and maybe felt they had seen enough of the movie. This does not mean the end of Bieber’s music. His #journals are great and are doing well on iTunes. Justin just has to decide if he will calm down his lifestyle. Scooter always says that the success of an artist depends on his talent, but even more so on if people like the artist and want them to be successful. He believes some artist personal lives ruins their careers. Look at what happened to Chris Brown. Justin has to examine his behavior and see what he did wrong (admit it) and correct it. People in America love to forgive a sinner, but if he doesn’t show that he is repentant , he will not have redemption. So, maybe during his year off he will do enough charity work (stay out negative headlines) and write great songs, so he can reclaim the hearts of Americans. I love Justin and sometimes I take a lot of flack for my devotion to him. I am praying for him to succeed in getting his life back on track. By the way, I have seen the #Believe movie everyday since it came out.

  • Heath

    I work in a cinema playing it and sorry to say it is doing really badly at our cinema. Most sessions of it have less than 12 people!!!!