Justin Bieber Collaborates with Chance The Rapper in New Single ‘Confident’

Justin Bieber Confident

Justin has collaborated with Chance The Rapper for “Confident,” a new single he’ll be premiering on Sunday at midnight. He tweeted the announcement earlier today:

@justinbieber: Are you ready? My new single #Confident featuring @chancetherapper Sunday at Midnight

Aside from releasing dozens of new songs for his #MusicMonday series, Justin also debuted the video for “All That Matters” earlier this week.

  1. a dozen is 12. he’s released 9 songs, 10 i guess including Alone.. and they’re pretty disappointing. he’s just proven to be nothing special. he can’t sing well anymore, he’s losing fans left and right and not gaining any. everybody thinks he’s a brat and ignorant, and now covered in lame, unoriginal tattoos. prince of pop, my ass. he’s done for.

    • youdontknowwhatadozenis
      I wonder where you live. AWESOME lyrics; AWESOME beats; TOTALLY AWESOME MUSIC. Justin has been gaining followers on twitter over 47 million beliebers. He sings just as well as or even better now than before. Maybe Justin is doing things that we don’t care for but he is just growing and learning as any normal 19 yr old & some of the things we read are made up by the media to make Justin look bad. He is nowhere near being a brat or ignorant. Why don’t you say that he is selfish too; Oh you cannot say that; he helped to build a school in South America; holding a prize giveaway to raise money for the Philippines; sings a special set for a girl who was hurt in an accident just before days before his concert in Australia. Oh yeah, He is only thinking about himself, If you don’t like Justin any more, why visit his websites. I never liked tattoos, so I am not thrilled about them; but that is his wish even though it goes against the Bible (Leviticus Chapter 19 verses 26-31). So please don’t say any more negative things about Justin. Beliebers will support him forever,

  2. youdontknowwhatadozenis u don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s people like you who need to lay off. You don’t understand what Justin is going through so grow up and get a life

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