Justin Bieber Delays JOURNALS Album Release Date

Justin Bieber Journals

Beliebers will have to wait one more week to get their hands on Justin’s Journals. But Justin has a good reason for the delay.

He decided to add one more song at the last minute. He tweeted:

BIG NEWS!!! Wrote another smash this week! Want you to have it! Making it a Christmas gift and moving #journals to the 23rd! So… Monday 12.23. #journals#10days #16songs #newvideos


JOURNAL Tracklist

The JOURNAL originally due December 16, 2013, the temporary collection of songs will now hit iTunes just in time for Christmas on December 23, 2013. 

The project includes 10 songs from his #MusicMondays series and six previously unreleased tracks.

Also included in the bundle are two videos and the trailer for the Believe movie, which opens in theaters on Christmas Day.

Justin plans to release a video for the  “Confident” (ft. Chance the Rapper) in early 2014 and is readying his next album for a late 2014 release.

See a tracklisting (minus the new song) below.

  • Kalani

    Oh my goodness Justin. It’s going to
    Be Amazing and super hot. Justin’s songs are pretty hot. It’s amazing. He’s smoking hot. What girl doesn’t love justin.

    • Alexandra

      I agree he’s Awesome and a great guy but the lying media make people believe he’s a bad guy poor Justin and it’s sad Selena Gomez thinks he’s a drug addict not knowing maybe or probably his parents are a bad influence on him or just his dad, I like Selena she’s my favorite singer one of them, I thought she was a nice young women, looks good with Justin so hope she gives him a chance cuz she’s 21 or 22 and wants to date a 17 year old male singer who some people think looks like Justin but he really doesn’t and it’s Taylor Swift’s doing sad I like Taylor but she’s not very smart, guys she dates break up with her so blondie shouldn’t give Selena boyfriend advice

      • ellie

        so when actually is the album released for journals album ?????

  • tiffany

    fuuuuuuuuck i have to wait another damn week! ugh.

  • aleena

    well i guess…patience is sweet!


    I can wait one more week ; no problem .

  • Azaria

    I’ve already organized my tracks into an album, just need the new ones to complete it! Even have the pre-order track “Alone” on there, which I’ll have to change to track 17 now. Finally listened to all of them the other day, can’t wait to hear the other six tracks. Though not a huge fan of Lil Wayne, so I have a feeling that one will be a track I skip regularly….

    • Alexandra

      cool I have my CDs and his movies except I don’t have Believe yet so I have my CDs and his two old DVDs in order I went to his condert last year with my aunt Suzy August 3rd 2013 but sadly I don’t work so I was very upset I couldn’t afford a concert ticket to meet Justin, hangout with him eating food, snacks, take a picture with him and get a seat right by the stage so he could touch my hand it I was 7 or 8 years younger cuz I’m 26 years old I would wanna be his one less lonely girl he sang to and held

    • Alexandra

      he will be 20 next Month on the 1st so it’s all good

    • Alexandra

      I had to go from where I live with my family at home with my ride my aunt Suzy from Highland Town or GreekTown to Washington DC very long drive and my mom is scared to drive in the dark cuz she can’t see to good in the dark so that’s why her sister took me

  • hannah bieber

    Omg yay that’s great.I can’t wait :)

  • Rebecca Bieber

    Ahhhh i can’t wait for Justin’s new album <3 <3 <3 3 and the best thing is it comes out 2 days BEFORE believe 3d movie comes out <3 <3 Love love love love Justin Bieber so much this is why he cares about us Belieber's <3 Jelieber's = Forever <3 <3 I am forever a true Belieber <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Alexandra

      I’m a true Belieber to and for always

  • x

    I’m sure it’s just as terrible as the other ones. He’s just been moaning into the mic for most of these. What a bitch.

    • Alexandra

      Justin is not a bitch he sings very good, dances better then other young solo male artist so don’t talk trash okay, I’ve looked up his parents, seems to me their the ones getting him into trouble so they should have been arrested not Justin and it’s sad since their living a good life off the money he makes so I don’t know why he loves his parents they don’t love him but his mom does since she didn’t abortion him like her friends told her to do those people must me evil to say that cuz if she did she would have lots of bad nightmares I’ve seen a video of that in my catholic high school class I use to go to

  • Belieber

    Okay. Well I’ll be released Christmas week. 2 days before believe movie.

    • Alexandra

      Believe movie was great I saw it two times but the second time I cried because of Avalanna she was so cute R.I.P. Avalanna

  • Onceabeliberalwaysabelibeelysm

    Just keep on doing what u r doin justin we all LOVE you ignore the haters they are just jealous. I have my big exams in a couple of weeks and justin you are my inspararion!!!

    • Alexandra

      He inspires me to never give up on my dreams love you Justin Biever

  • vaishnavi

    hey frnzzz its14/11/13
    nd gess wht tomorro is d releasing date of journal
    isnt it damn cool

  • vaishnavi

    hey frnzzz its14/11/13
    nd gess wht tomorro is d releasing date of journal
    isnt it damn cool:-):-):-):-):-):-)

  • Subrat sahoo

    u r my fav singer i wanna make a video with u in my song

    • Alexandra

      That would be cool if it happened for you

  • nicki


  • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

    Today I am going to get Justin’s new
    Album. With. And buy his birthday
    Gift and send it to Stratford ok
    Justin I will do that for you boyfriend

  • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

    I Love youxxxx. Justin

  • samantha

    drea justin bieber i can be you ms bieber i dont care about what happen to your i will still love you with all my heart a never stoped loving you i can be ms bieber i ‘v always wanted to see you in real life and ps i love you for you not your fame just your sexy self <3 swaggy

    • Alexandra

      Samantha I like Justin Bieber as much as you do and wanna meet him but sadly he’s to young for me and he’s sexy and dances so good I love his dance moves