Justin Bieber DID NOT Insult & Call a Fan ‘Beached Whale’

Justin Bieber Becah Whale Perth Australia (1)

Justin sunbathing by the poolside at the Hyatt Hotel Regency in Perth Australia

Justin Bieber has been surrounded by bad boy behavior reports a lot recently, but it seems like the latest one where he allegedly called a fan a “beached whale” is NOT TRUE, as multiple sources have insisted that the claims are “completely fabricated.”

The MailOnline suggested that Justin had been caught up insult at a fan who was sunbathing by the pool at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Perth, Australia.

A supposed witness tells Australian news site News.com.au:

Justin looked over at her and said “What are you, Hawaiian or something?” She said “No, I’m not.”

Then he said “You look like a beached whale.”

The girl said “Are you serious?” and he said “You should go on The Biggest Loser,”

The witness goes on, claiming she filed a formal complaint with the hotel.

However, multiple eyewitnesses have since told Gossip Cop that there is “no truth” whatsoever in the claims.

A source close to Justin further told the site: “This is a complete fabrication.”

  1. This is the second lie by persons at that hotel; the first was that of a father of a girl supposedly thrown down the stairs by Justin’s bodyguard. Not true, he was escorted out by hotel security for insisting on seeing Bieber and complaining over Justin’s not seeing his daughter.
    By the way, a second witness has come forward adding a detail the first witness did not which further indicates this was all a lie-see the inquisitr site.

    • I saw your youtube account how homo are you to justin bieber anyway? Most of the video you watch are his you go to every website that has his name on and defend him like those muslim extremist.. sad thing is he will never notice you … oh by the way WELCOME TO THE HATERS CLUB..whats that comment you leave in one of Selena Gomez video in Youtube? My ears are bleeding listening to this. I will visit the doctor to have them repaired…. oh my for a gaybelieber it must really stings alot when you find out they were dating 2 years ago…

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    • Seriously see the ugly media always makes up lies about Justin. What’s next, Justin and Selena were caught at the hotel together. But sources say selena slept with Justin and he was all over her.

  2. It is so sad that this young man cannot get a break from the media. Even in other countries. One good thing about it the more they keep him in the news the more money he makes
    Far as endorsements, interviews etc; Good for Mr Bieber

  3. There is a new rumor going around but some of it is true. Ludacris is trying to get Justin Bieber
    A part in the fast and furious 7 movie. Just go to youtube and type in: Ludacris wants Justin Bieber in Fast & Furious 7. Not to replace Paul Walker like Hollywood Life said. But,
    Just to have a part in the movie. I hope he make it happen I think Justin would do
    Great in the movie.

    Much Love!

  4. OMG time for another Justin bieber Joke Wohohoho

    Q: Why is Justin Bieber so pale?
    A: Because there is no light in the closet

    Q: Why is it sometimes alright to judge a book by its cover?

    A: Sometimes it’s named ‘Justin Bieber’, and you know its crap
    Q: What is Victoria’s Secret? A: (whispering) Justin Bieber is gay!

  5. Ok why r u haters even here omg I’m tired of u haters. Just gtfo and stfu already damm omg -.- and I knew it wasn’t true.that’s just a bunch of BS -.- and do u have proof he’s gay ??? :) :) :) I don’t think u do so stfu and get out of this site k ? :)

  6. I’m not so sure about the rumors. You guys have Justin like an idol. He can do whatever he wants. Seriously?? Maybe he really did say that but he is just lying and his fans believe him. El es un emgreído total, a mí me gusta pero no puedo defenderlo he always do what he wants. Who cares u lovers and beliebers are always defending him

  7. That’s right Jenny, he is Famous. I bet that if he ask to any of his Fans to kiss his ass they’ll do it. He can Lie as much as he wants all beliebers will protect him. Until the day he find some girl in this page and do something bad to her. Then you’ll see the comment: OMG!! I met justin bieber he is so mean and rude. Oh, I am so sad!!

    • When Justin was in Australia he partied with a lot of girls. Some of them if not most were not fans! After their night with Bieber they had nothing but good things to say about him! There are so many girls who met Justin during this tour many not fans and they all had nothing but good things to say about him.
      So you can shut the f’ck up!

    • Could you fu-kass haters get off this site already?If you hate him so much why do you even bother visiting his FAN sites? They’re only created for his FANS!! SO stfu and gtfo!! Seriously you guys make me sick!

  8. UUUUHHHH Zoey, I’m sorry I am so young to die. Please don’t kick my ass like that. Are u serious?? Justin is the most stupid person in the world. He has done a lot of bad things but all of u are always defending him. U fans are making him believe that he is the center of the worl and he is not. Maybe Selena leave him because he wasn’t in the right side. And when I say “the right side” i guess u know what i meant

    • I totally agree with you Justin is nothing but a immature little prick who thinks just because he has his maniac beliebers with him he can do whatever or he can lie whenever he wants and it’s just sad how blind his so called beliebers really are

  9. Sí Jenny estamos en la misma página. Oye tu hablas español verdad??? Bueno si respondes a este mensaje sería obvio no???

  10. Besides Zoey u where there in the party too??? Don’t be stupid maybe Justin pay them to say good things about him. He is JUST like that.

  11. Where in the article did it say that JUSTIN said it wasn’t true? Nowhere. it says a source close to him, not him himself. I doubt this story is true, beached whale just doesn’t sound like something anyone would say. I’m not here to say Justin is the most perfect person or he doesn’t make mistakes or doesn’t act like an ass at times but this story is just too bland to actually make sense. That’s all.


  13. I notice haters have arrived here like sewer rats, even using my name, This is a fan site not a Bieber bashing site. Go bash someone else. If you believe anything anyone says about him you are gullible idiots with the mentality of a roach. There is no undisputable proof he said anything bad to that girl; we only have one or two persons making a claim and they clearly are not fans. How many times do people have to make up stories about celebrities they don’t like before you use your tiny brains? Two sites and a TV host have doubts this story is true and criticized the media for jumping to conclusions as you haters have.

  14. Well KidrauhlKrave, u said it yourself. He acts like an ass at times so if he acts like an ass “at times” what makes u believe that he doesn’t act like an ass ALL THE TIME, u don’t know what he thinks or private things about his life. Who knows maybe he is just interested in himself and in being famous than in u guys. Do u really think that when he says: “To all my beliebers, thank u so much I love u all” he is really say in it, from his heart. Maybe any stupid person told him to say that.

    • Obviously he means it idiot! Why wouldn’t he? He’s famous because of us his Beliebers, so why wouldn’t he thanks us & tell us he loves us? Get off this site stupid haters, why are you here if you hate him!? He’s doesn’t pay any attention to the haters cuz he has more ppl who love him than hate him & I like that some haters actually like him now cuz of his new music.

  15. If you morons don’t like him why do you spend all your time here trashing him? Go some other teen idols like One Direction; you would not be missed. You think he’s the only one that makes mistakes. Name 5 celebrities that did not make mistakes?

  16. Ja, esto es un poco más divertido de lo q pensé. Vamos a Desmoralizar a Justin Bieber y a decir la verdad acerca de el para q estas tontas beliebers se den cuenta de quien es ese pajarraco en realidad.

  17. Everyone makes mistakes but… no one like the big JUSTIN BIEBER. Besides I enjoy trashing him. Now ivan don’t play the lawyer, actually are u a belieber boy??? Seriously???

    • Hey im on the same page as you. Justin bieber is such a liar he thinks he’s black hey let’s call him white Negro haha

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