Justin Bieber Drops New Album ‘Journals’ on iTunes

Justin Bieber Journals Artwork

Justin Bieber has just released the final five songs off of his album Journals, “What’s Hatnin” feat. Future, “Memphis” feat. Diplo & Big Sean, “Backpack” feat. Lil Wayne, “Swap It Out” and “One Life”. 

Justin also just released the full album “JOURNALS” on iTunes – be sure to buy it right now!

Justin had been releasing new music every week as part of his Music Mondays in anticipation of his film Justin Bieber’s Believe, which is due out on Christmas Day.


1. Heartbreaker
2. All That Matters
3. Hold Tight
4. Recovery
5. Bad Day
6. All Bad
7. PYD
8. Roller Coaster
9. Change Me
10. Confident (feat. Chance The Rapper)
11. One Life
12. Backpack (feat. Lil Wayne)
13. What’s Hatnin’ (feat. Future)
14. Swap It Out
15. Memphis (feat. Big Sean)
16 All That Matters [VIDEO]
17. Believe [VIDEO]
18. Guatemala Pencils Of Promise [VIDEO]

  • connie ortega


  • funeralprogram-site.com

    You are my all time favorite Justin! All the Best :)

    • Kalani

      I love justin. He’s such a cutie.

  • fanta xx

    i love you justin bieber i dont care wot the haters said i love your music and you xx

  • essie j

    its the best album ever :)

  • vaishnavi

    wooooow jb
    nd congrats for d new
    luv u

  • nevaeh

    I am so happy for you can you please call me 216 603 6563

  • Beauty girl

    always Good… Congratulation Justin :)

  • Kalani

    Hope Justin does a video for roller coaster and PYD.

  • Kalani

    Justin is very sweet to call his fans sweet girl. Or doll.

  • hannah bieber

    ugh it sucks bcuzz I don’t get iTunes on my phone and I don’t have a iphone :( :( I wish I did

  • rb

    JOUENALS album #1 on the US iTunes, #1 in 50 other countires. Justin Bieber’s Journals album has stormed to No. 1 on iTunes US and 50 charts around the world. The collection also soared to Top Ten positions in 73 countries [including the #1's].

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  • Krish

    Oh my gosh 8 albums 3 perfumes 2 world tour 2 books 2 movies and million of fans before the age 20” :) ur amazing justin i don’t care what hatter said i lv ur music forever and im alos true belieber boy :) plz one more time visit to srilanka cuz i wanna see u justin in really plz :( ! Here lot of belieberS loving u soO much ! We support u 4ever justin thats the truth ! Congratz justin my phone number plz cl me and make my day excited +940754583386

  • Diana.Garrido

    Cool so so so cool all of your songs are super special I love you justin so so so much

  • Jennifer

    Does it come out in CD.

  • precious

    Is it going to be released on cd

  • Sa5m

    My Fave Album So Far..!

  • ivan

    Where are those that were saying he’s fading? Also, Does anyone remember most of last years Grammy winners? What happened to Carly Jepson who was nominated and justin was not? I like her; just making a point.

    • rb

      It’s evident that the Grammy nominations are politically drivan and that the formulas for choosing nominees are outdated. If the Recording Industry Association of America can change to the “change of times,” then there’s hope for the Grammy’s to change and be fair to other artist.

      • ivan

        I always wondered if a one person one vote system is more fair to artists than that of a committee choosing their favorites in the grammys. But then they say the committtees are in the business so they know better. It’s a good question.

  • JB !

    Next year gonna miss him! :) #congratz

  • Jessica

    Wishing you the best Justin I am one of your biggest fans and hope you have the best Christmas ever

  • johntayza

    can I have your phone number

  • Marion

    Will listen to Your album as soon as as I get quieter time for myself. Excited about it. All Bad and Bad Day were my favorites. Wonder if I am getting new favorites from the album …;-)

  • Marion

    Quick quick guys think of all your non-English speakers and send us the lyrics as soon as possible !!! I m half deaf so need the lyrics to catch the meanings of all the songs

  • angom

    I’m so happy for you merry Christmas and beliebers stay strong ang ignore the haters

  • minahil

    i love every thing of urs

  • minahil

    love u justin more thn i love myself

  • minahil

    ur hot sexy just like me
    love u

  • boyßelieber-shivam

    its a great album….hope so u alwayz be the best ….u r what u r …..for me u r the smartest boy on this earth … no boy thinks that anyone is best then ther him….but i thinks that u r best then me …. plZ call me if u can my contact

  • Ashlee bieber

    Loving you is easy JB ’cause you’re the best and always be for me

  • Prairie