Justin Bieber Gives Toys to fans at ‘Believe’ Movie Screening in LA

Justin Bieber Believe Movie Screenng

Justin Bieber met fans & gave out toys at a special #BelieveMovie screening in LA

Justin Bieber surprised fans at a screening of his new documentary film, “Believe,” in Los Angeles on Monday, Dec. 16, and helped hand out toys to several excited Beliebers.

The movie hits theaters on Dec. 25 – Christmas Day.

Justin said on stage:

I remember growing up with not a lot. Grew up with, you know, no toys and I wanna make sure each and every one of you have a great Christmas.

You guys are the reason that I live, I live for each and every one of my fans. You guys have supported me through thick and thin so I’m gonna support you guys forever, so thank you so much.


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