Justin Bieber in Perth Australia (Dec6)


Justin out in Perth, Australia. He’s set to perform at the Perth Arena on December 8, 2013.

  1. Funny if everyone wears suits at the premier of Believe and he goes dressed like that; he’s the most down to earth celebrity there is.

  2. Caught: it’s apparent that a picture can tell a story, and in Justin’s case it’s his Selena tattoo. Be observant and follow his photos, especially his recent meet & greet in Adelaide, AU. He wears a long sleeve hoodie pullover in which he had pulled the left sleeve above and to exposed the Selena tattoo, and this is apparent in other photos where’s he seems to grabbing his crotch with his left hand again exposing the Selena tattoo. Do tell!

    • Justin is left handed. So the hand he’s going to use the most is his left hand.

      Im also left handed and when i roll up my sleeves the first side i start with is the left side of my Arm! Because im left handed!

      • Yes Zoey, Justin is left handed and you say you are as well. I am right handed and I grab my crotch with either hand, Justin is a left handed crotch grabber or maybe theirs something else. Be vigilant of his poster. Body language in several photos can tell a story about a person. FYI: from pictures of Justin, it appears that he likes to roll both sleeves up, but I am suggesting that he goes through great strides in positioning of his left hand to expose the Selena tattoo in regular photos such as during his “Meet & Greet” and photo shoots ‘Justin & Scooter on the “Hollywood Reporter” Photoshoot 3 cover.’ No watch to cover up the tattoo.

  3. I don’t like you anymore jb your a different person that you used to be theirs a sweet and innocent Justin bieber just crying for help!

  4. Cindy ummmmm no he’s still the person. All those rumors that tmz and the media says are fake.he’s done nothing wrong.he’s not crying for help miley cryus is.Justin is still kidrhaul so yea stfu ur actually leaving him for no reason lol good luck with that and if u don’t like him why r u still on here ????? And u do know your not actually talking to Justin

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