Justin Bieber is the Most-Searched Person on Bing in UK 2013


Search engine Bing have revealed who the most searched-for celebrities were during 2013 in the UK.

Justin Bieber has topped this year’s list, jumping five spots from last year.

In a battle of the power women, Beyonce beat royal mother Kate Middleton as the most-searched for woman on Bing this year. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift also made the 10.

Rihanna and Kim Kardashian made the top 10 most-searched for celebrities for the second year in a row, both jumping two spots.

One Direction fans can rest easy, while none of the boys feature on the celebrity list, they top the music artist list.

The top 10 searched-for celebrities in the UK are listed below:
1. Justin Bieber
2. Beyonce
3. Kate Middleton
4. Selena Gomez
5. Nicole Scherzinger
6. Rihanna
7. Kim Kardashian
8. Taylor Swift
9. Emma Watson
10. Kelly Brook

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    well he is most reseached person in google so yeah

  • Tori

    Because he’s always acting stupid, so people want to see what he’s doing

    • tiffany

      oh why?ause they don’t have lives so they just snoop around justin all the time.stfu you hater

  • Jennie

    Because the media always makes crap about him,and false bullshit so haters go and research him up and make fun of him and bash him fir somethings that he did not even f#cking do

  • X

    Haha who uses Bing?

  • Kendra

    Seriously i can’t stand those haters who always bash this poor kid for something that he did not even do like those rumors about him in the brothel and the stripclub in bandabing Or him sleeping with models or Flirting with models how do they know He was flirting with them were they there no i don’t think so . Its all bullshit made up by the media just to get more views on they’re stories It’s sad that some of you Actually believe all the bullshit and leave him fir somethings that he did not do.

  • Hannah bieber

    I’m actually surprised he’s the most searched up person looked up .haters just want to look him up for all the stupid rumors and trash him and all that stuff.im sick of tired literally sick.they really need to leave Justin alone and Jennie and Kendra I agree with u both lol

  • Kendra

    The haters actually don’t know it yet but they are the ones obsessed with him because since they take they’re time to search him up and bash him for useless shit that he did not do they are the ones secretly inlove with him or have bieber fever since all they do is talk about him all the Time and they are,always hating on the girls he is with like he is writing songs about Selena and all of the sudden they’re bashing her too wow not only by doing that you hurt her feelings but you also hurt Justins feelings because he loves her and he just wants everybody to be cool with that and be happy for him but since nobody seems to care or understand about his feelings but one thing is true . He is never going to lisen to those haters calling him names because he knows he is smarter than them,and that they are just jealous about him . Srry if i wrote,a long paragraph .

    • Kalani

      They always bash Justin. He doesn’t deserve to be hate. He’s so adorable And of course he’s a hottie.

    • tiffany

      My god i’m laughing at how funny that was but lol it’s so true though they just don’t wanna admit it.fuck haters.but i search him up on bing images all the time.is that wierd?lol i’m such a perv i know.but i agree with you.fuck haters,and didi you know that there is this tool on firefox that erases justin bieber from internet haters?So obsessed those haters are right?

  • rb

    Justin wasn’t nominated for several awards so yes, 1D top the music artist list for now! Vote for Justin: h**p://w*w.mtv.tv/mini/mtv-stars-2013

  • ivan

    The media is full of crap. If some Believers believe everything they read, they need a course on thinking properly. I made a list in this site of stories about him that were not true and that caused some to leave him. Thay want him to fail and promote others like One Direction that are presented as the clean, wholesome ones and Justin as the low life who is a bad example for kids. They praise guys and woman in the music world that have taken hard drugs, taken multiple mates, cursed on stage, shown their privates on stage and in pics and so on. At least three of the One Direction guys have[good for them] cursed out paps but Bieber gets trashed for doing it once. The media gets no respect from me; they are character assassins.

    • Kalani

      They always have that bitch Taylor at every award show. They never have justin at the award show. Taylor isn’t the only celeb in the world. Neither is Selena. They are other celebs besides them. I don’t know why it’s always Taylor. The media acts like Taylor is the only celeb in the world. She can’t even sing.

  • ivan

    Some of the people running awards shows are envious or hateful toward Justin so they try to ignore him. They did this in the American Music awards this year and they are doing it at the People’s Choice awards. But justin has the last laugh, he just got his 9th straight hit on I tunes and has one of if not the top concert tour in the 2013.

  • tmkeigley

    tmkeigley love you my

  • Yuri

    Dec 2, 2013

    My Bieber,

    Holowwwwwwwwwwwwww !
    WHY Are U in UK ?
    I’m Ready for My Lovely Mario One.

    My Bieber, WHY U Always Making Song to Me.
    WHY U Have Sing A Song to Change Me.
    Yuri Cannot Change to U.

    However, My Bieber, Yuri Always Loves U as My Lovely Son.

    With Love,

  • nicki