Justin Bieber Made a Miley Cyrus Graffiti Art on his Skateboard Ramp at his Calabasas Home

Justin Bieber Miley Graffiti

Justin Bieber has spray painted a huge picture of Miley Cyrus’s face, complete with her signature tongue out pose, on the skateboard ramp at his $6.5 million Calabasas home.

Justin Bieber Miley Cyrus Graffiti  art 2

The graffiti is sure to be greeted warmly by Miley and could possibly be payback for Miley gently mocking Justin just last month.


  1. No he doesn’t Hannah they are just friends she even said they are just friends but people just don’t realize that she is like his big sister it’s normal for friends to do stuff like this

  2. justin bieber favorite singer amazing boy favorite new single by justin bieber born to be somebody love this song all love jb muisc em big fan jb hater backoff love em

  3. They could never be together, Miley looks like a boy already. They are Brothers. U guys most be thinking right now: Here comes the hater with her negatives comments. Then U are right.
    I was trying to be a belieber cause Hannah is a good person but… I guess I can’t

  4. Thanks Hannah but no Thanks. I really like Justin Bieber but everybody just post good comments, I want to have a bit of fun trashing justin

  5. Thanks and I’m actually a miley fan lol and idk if your a hater or not but if u are idc just please don’t hate on him or trash him like that. Hes a great person and your a good person to thanks

  6. And i also admit i was kinda hating on him by calling him a marijuana freak or white negro and yea that was me calling him a white negro but i was wrong and i just wanted to apologies for everything i said i hope you guys accept my apology :)

  7. @lokita jerkin wow I never knew u would apoligize cuzz u really hate him lol but I accept your apology idk about the others but I accept your apology. If u don’t like him I respect u but just don’t post things like that cuzz that’s actually bullying

    • I know Hannah it’s because i was bullied back in elementary school So That’s why i was being a bully to you beliebers and justin put i was wrong of doing that and i got To admit Justin bieber is awesome and i was Just a f#cking hater

  8. I was bullied to but just bcuzz you were bullied doesn’t mean u have to bully Justin or us I mean he has not done anything to
    You and hes just a normal person living his dream and he deserve any of that hate.nobody does anyways but don’t let people bring u down

  9. CAUTION: ONLY FOR Beliebers world chain copy and paste this in all pages of Justin Bieber that can: January 1 all use slat/tape or golden dwelling in the head or hand bracelet as well as we can see ourselves as the sister Beliebers that we are and if Justin learns go go go an put it in the profile

  10. @lokita jerkin well people just have nothing better to do then hate and bully a person.they think there all bad and stuff lol NOBODY DESERVES HATE

  11. do you really have to tell us how much thathouse cost? yea hes rich and famous but really? i love you justin bieber nice work. just dont get to into graffiti i dont want you aressted. love you.

  12. hannah your an awesome person i wish i knew you in person what you and i have to say about bullying and hate might just change the world! lol. if we knew each other wed probably be best friends

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