Justin Bieber Married 10 Years – Coma Prank [Viral VIDEO]

Justin Bieber prank

Youtuber Tom Mabe set up a fake hospital room in Kentucky and fed his friend, an alleged drunk driver, a fake news report about the hijinks of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and ‘President Hillary Clinton‘ in 2023.

Justin, the report says, is preparing for his 10th wedding anniversary with racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. and their two dogs.

President Hilary is about to attack Canada — while Miley is close to being evicted from her Kentucky mobile home for “defecating on her neighbor’s yard.” She’d been in trouble for cooking meth in her double-wide trailer back in 2015, the fictitious report adds.


  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    omg he slapped the shit out of him and just is not Gey O.O but this was really funny



  • hannah bieber

    Lol wtf does this have to deal with Justin. And hes not gay -.-but it was funny when the doctor slapped him lol

  • Belieber

    Justin is not gay -_- but when the doctor slapped the patient, that was funny

  • tiffany

    wtf? i i bet a lot o haters gon be on this viral video just tyn take it over just cause of the whole gay thing but that’s not ture they don’t know shit bout him and that is fu-king retarded of them to say that.

  • Ariella

    That was really silly but at the end the doctor was slapping the other man who was doing the prank that wouldd be Tom Mabe.Real crazy.It was really cra cra!!