Justin Bieber Raised Over $480,000 For Philippines #TyphoonHaiyan, Goal $1 Million

Justin Bieber Give Back Philippines

Justin Bieber has raised over $480,000 in just 1 day for his #GiveBackPhilippines campaign. He’s hoping to raise $1,000,000 in 9 days.

Help Justin raise money for the #TyphoonHaiyan victims, and WIN a chance to hangout with him in his studio, visit www.prizeo.com/justin


  • Mrs.BIEBER

    AUSOME !!!!!

  • Belieber #1

    i want but i can’t :`( . I’m crying badlyyyyyyy :'( . I’m in desperate luv with u justin. I’ll die if i don’t meet u ever, literally…

  • Gen.

    I’m a Belieber from Philippines. Thank you very much. Third!

    • m l

      this is the real justin

  • ivan

    Shows what a good kid he really is. But will the media report this? Probably not. They prefer to wait till his next little mistake.

    • Kalani

      They always make up stories about him. Half the stories aren’t even true.

  • Donna JB

    i want to see HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    His the Best IDOL EVER <3

  • ErikaUCLA

    Shouldnt the title be “Justin Biebers Beliebers help him raise…” Instead of “justin bieber raised…” I mean he’s not doing it alone

  • Justim has a million dollars why don’t he just give them the money rather than asking people who are below him to bhelp raise a million? Selfish bastafrd.

    • m l

      you must have taken extra “stupid” pills this morning

  • hannah bieber

    Awwww yay that’s great :) we could do it

  • rb

    Way to go Justin!!

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  • hannah bieber

    And @… ummmm no he’s doing for a contest he is not. Selfish at all.mostly other celebrities just don’t care and don’t do those things like that but he does.he’s the only person helping the Philippines and u call that selfish ????? Lol no I don’t think So.If your gonna hate get off this website please.we don’t need u haters -.-

    • KC

      you might want to do your research there have been plenty of celebs that have donated to charity or other events to help out WITH THEIR OWN MONEY!. They did not need to ask the world to help raise money when they have plenty of money of their OWN to give out. New kids on the block and Justin timberlake, Pamela Anderson to name a few have given their own money they have own to help out other countries. So yea, Justin Douchebage is selfish self centered loser. Last time i checked this is a free public website on the internet that anyone can stumble upon and post. So others are free to post whether you like it or not.

  • LM Bieber

    oh he is so cute

  • Belieber

    I’m so proud! We’ve help raise allot for such a great cause. I think we’ll reach $1 million

  • Ashira Papa

    Hey guys please support us Ive donated 100 000 towards the philippines. Please guys it means a lot to us thanks



  • Rebecca Bieber

    So proud of my Idol <3 Love you Justin Drew Bieber <3 <3 <3

  • Mrs.BIEBER

    Hes only asking people to donate hes not forcing you so shup up and maybe rich people could donate alot of money and meet JUSTIN BEIEBER : ) :) : )

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    aww i love when he giving to people who dont have anything :)

  • jellenyBELIEBER

    i want you here in the Philippines pls BACK here :))

  • Anna Bieber

    awww luv you soo much justin!!

  • rauhlinavonstar

    Thank You for all the help Justin. I’m from from the Philippines though my place wasn’t hit by the typhoon but I’m so thankful that you’re there to help my fellowmen.. Thank You <3 W e Love you so muchhhhh !!!

  • rauhlinavonstar

    All the Filipino Beliebers are excited to see you Justin.. I know I will not be able to see you bc our place is to far from Tacloban but I’ll be happy to see you here in Philippines. :)

  • Sophia T. Soldevilla

    Thank your for helping the Philippines Justin Bieber. May God honor your good deeds +