Justin Bieber Releases ‘Change Me’ – Listen Audio Here!

Justin Bieber Change Me

Justin Bieber premiered the new song “Change Me” late Sunday night. Listen below:



The track is his latest “Music Mondays” release, following “Heartbreaker,” “All That Matters,” “Hold Tight,” “Recovery,” “Bad Day,” “All Bad,” “PYD,” and “Roller coaster.”

Justin is expected to debut the “All That Matters” music video on Monday Dec 2.

  • Guillermo

    This song is obviously about Selena why Justin always got to make a song about her

    • FERAS

      It just don’t make sense, man. Music Mondays are songs about Justin’s experiences through all his life. He already got over her time ago, now it’s time for everyone to get over it. JUST GET OVER JELENA! THEY’RE DONE FROM TIME AGO! GET OVER IT!

    • ChristiAngel101

      Because he’s in love… he’s normal don’t take this personally but he can write the song because he wants to… what your saying is the same dumb thing as saying … “why do people need to eat… or why do I have to go to work” it’s silly to ask… he writes songs about whatever he wants to … he has options to choose from just like we do… its his own life… he chooses what he want’s. your either here to support him or be like one of the hundred or haters telling him he should change or complain about him doing something wrong… if your a hater keep things to yourself… go to a hate site to hate not a fan site… your doing it all wrong.

      • m l

        you are right. he is hopelessly in love. neither one of them has moved on. they are both hurting big time. taylor swift is one of the biggest disturbers in all of this. if she would just mind her own business I think things would go a lot smoother. Justin needs a lot of love and understanding from us right now. he is hurting. this is why he is doing some of the things the media are trying to turn into more than it is. if you think about it he never used to do the kind of things everyone is down on him about now. this is why will smith has stepped in on his own and is councilling Justin every week. thank god for will smith, a true friend.

  • Jennie

    I know it’s about,Selena wow big surprise

  • hannah bieber

    Awwwww this song is so sweet.and justin could write the song for whoever he wants .if he wants to make it for selena let him so stop hating -.-

    • Jennie

      Oh my god Hannah you’re right we only want Justin to be happy and if he wants to be happy with Selena then who am i to stop him

    • bieberfever#1

      Agreed to @Hannah bieber

  • Erica Lorraine

    i love this song but i know about selena this song

  • hannah bieber

    Exactly. We all know how he feels about her so we need to respect that. Music mondays is about his experiences so he’s doing that

  • holly

    Justin call her already its been a couple mondays now and i really think you should just talk to her, or in person, but stop crying already, carry on, you look pathetic and helpless at this point.

  • holly

    Oh and leave the sexy R and B for keith seeat, R kelly, ll cool j it just sounds better. You sound good but they make it sound so much sexier.

    • tiffany

      just stop.he ca do what he wanst.and no r kelly cannot make it soud better.tbh he kind ruined it.you hater.

  • Brooke c:

    I really love it lol and who cares if its about selena :/ he loves her and wants to make songs about it then please just respect that, if u were a true belieber you would <3

  • TrueBieber Babe

    Change me is a beautiful song that he wrote in his #MusicJournals that reflects what he was feeling at the time. It takes a long time to get over a YOUR FIRST TRUE love. Justin is just a human being like all of us who has lost a love and lived to tell about it. When we lose a TRUE LOVE, we still wish we had that person in our lives. He will continue to feel this way for years to come. Even after he finds a new love, he will always wonder about this love. If he could have changed what happened between them. How could he have saved his relationship with Selena he will always wonder. What he should have done. Did Taylor poison his relationship with Selena? We don’t really know what caused them to break up. But thing I know for sure, it wasn’t because of Justin cheating on Selena. There were other issues between them. In his song “alone” he talks about not giving her enough of his time. So we know that is one problem. Sometimes hanging with your boys too much and make a girl angry. Anyway, that experience has provided us with the #MusicJournals. This has been going on for nine months and I am sure that were tons of other songs we did not hear, but all about the same lost love. The loved all of the #MusicJournals except one. I could not get the vibe of “Recovery.” Anyway, we have just one more song and that’s all we get to hear or maybe he will make an album with the other songs we have not heard yet. My problem is wondering has he come out of his depression about this loss or is he still in mourning? Do we get see joy on his face again? When he smiles, I smile. Can’t wait to hear his joyful music again.

    • Likethemboth

      I agree I didn’t really like recovery or all bad

    • Likethemboth

      Or PYD the rest were great though

  • Zoey

    He’s over her!! MusicMondays are all songs about his break-up. It’s just that he’s only releasing them now! Does not mean he nessecarily still relates to them at this point!

    Some of you are confused about what #MusicMondays is about. Justin is sharing his experience , what he felt through his break-up!

    Why do i say he’s over her? Well if you could go to Youtube and Search for Justin’s perfomance in Australia (brisbane) of Beauty and a Beat. You will see his reaction when he sings ‘eye out for Selenur’. Or ask someone who went to that concert!

  • tiffany

    i think you guys need to stop bashing on the people sayiing to “get over jelena”.They are not trying to be rude.I understand where they’re coming from:Justin has obviosly been depressed about the breakup which is why he wrote heartbreaker.And atm also kinda about selena.and bad day.What they are trying to say is they just want to see justin smile again.get back up when you get knocked down.you know?i mean selena has made it pretty clear that she is done with him,since she made that joke about making him cry.but she seems okay with it after almost a whole year theybeen apart.and something tells me she seems like she wants him to be okay with it too.what justin needs is somebody that will open his heart again.and let him love again.just to get him out of this depression that he;s in.i think they are trying to say that they have both learned from their mistakes and life goes on.sure he can keep singing about selena.i agree with you guys there.he can sing about whatever he wants.especially sex lol. but that’s not the point,i mean we are all beliebers here.just bc we don’t agree with each other sometimes doesn’t make the other fan and never was a belieber.we all want justin to be happy and that’s a fact.so why can’t we all just tell him to hang in there and stay strong.things will get better soon.k?so don’t get mad at them i’m sure they meant no harm at all.it’s just they agree with us.and what we agree on is that we want justin to be happy again.and find that special girl that will teach him to love and feel again but they just have a litte funny rudish way of showing it so don’t take it th wrong way and stop bashing them.for justin.pwease?thanks.

  • AlwaysJustin

    This song is very personal. I can understand how he must have felt at the time. He is maturing and so is his music and it gets better and better all the time. Wish people would just let him live his dream in peace. TS needs to back off and look in the mirror and ask herself how she would feel

  • Marion

    Who could dare say Justin is not talented ? He is an amazing singer and he sings with so much emotion it gets through your skin. It s all love Justin !

  • ivan

    I could be wrong but either this song is about Selena as he felt in the past sung in the present tense or a plea to any new love interest. I am sure he will have more upbeat songs in his album that have nothing to do with Selena. He did say he wanted through these songs to express his feelings when he was dating.

  • hannah bieber

    I agree with all of u well mostly all of u lol

  • rb

    The key to the song is, Justin has wised up, and like most men with a successful relationship have learned; happy woman; happy life with! The lyrics is present tense and sense he has not been with any other woman longer two weeks (Jacque Pyles) my assumption is the one and only Selena Gomez. Please woman, go and get your man so we can move on to him making great music without the drama!

  • Carly

    I like him…no doubt…but the songs he’s been releasing every Sunday night are all the same… get some spice in there Justin.

  • Liliana

    I like your new song. I love you so much Justin.

  • Kendra

    Weres the music video it says on the top that it was going to be released today

  • Sid Sings

    I don’t like R n B. Or Hip Hop. :)

  • Precious Treasure (Gugu in my mother toungue)

    I dnt get why ppl are all over justin , he`s human just like any of us not something amazing that u hve nevr seen # gt a life pple , he is not God , he is a kinda boring actually , he`s so a mommy little boy……call me my email doesn`t work 0794406756

    • tiffany

      then why the hell are you here just hating? back off and stay out of our buisness! we can love and adore him all we want.all fandoms adore their idols so we’re not the only ones fk.stfu and stop being and i hav a life.and we know he’s not god but he worships him and i worship justin cauase he deserves it! he deserves my love for him! and if yuo think he’s so boring ywhy the hell you on his fansit? lol exactly and you say we need to get a life.lol you’re never gonna change our opioins about him so just fuck off and shut up! and you don’t even know him and you don’r know what he is and that’s actually a good thing to love your mom so maybe he is a mommy boy but so what? that’s ood.you act like he’s the only one in the world who is a mommy’s boy.you think you’re so cool..you’re the one who is boring.stfu and stop hating you loser!

  • nicki


  • m l

    “change me” is a real window into what is going on with Justin. will smith can see what is happening and is sufficiently concerned that he has stepped in on his own to help Justin. I wish some others could see Justin needs help. I will be so thankfull when his tour ends.