Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Take a Break from the Spotlight

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber isn’t the only singers who’s planning to take a break in 2014, his ex-gf Selena Gomez does the same.

Selena recently announced she was canceling her upcoming concerts in Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines, which were due to kick off on January 16 — to focus on herself.

She said in a statement:

My fans are so important to me and I would never want to disappoint them. But it has become clear to me and those close to me that after many years of putting my work first, I need to spend some time on myself in order to be the best person I can be.

To my fans, I sincerely apologize and I hope you guys know how much each and every one of you mean to me.

Just earlier this week, Justin’s manager Scooter Braun confirmed that Justin’s taking a one year hiatus from music.

Scooter told BBC NEWS:

Next year Justin is just taking a break to just make music and relax and take time to himself. It’s the first time [he's had a break] since he was 12.

In a recent interview, Justin said she still loves Selena, but insist they are just friends.

Is this a sign that JELENA could soon be back together and reconcile their relationship??

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Sarah gathoni

    If justin is dead serious saying that they are friends thn we should believe so but what I know is that there isn’t a frndshp btwn a lady nd a man..

  • nandra

    It seems like .. justin n selena will spent time together ..

  • indah`s belieber

    or right justin , you come back together with selena ….???
    i am very happy
    i love you justin and selena

    • Kalani

      I would hope they always stay friends. There friendship mean the world to them. Nothing else matters but there friendship.

  • mariea`s belieber

    justin,please come back with selena !!!
    i missed jelena
    why you breakup with selena ??? selena`s beautiful girl justin
    iam belieber n jelena lovers

    • Kalani

      Um I highly doubt that Justin and Selena are getting back together. Besides they both haven’t really dated anyone else. Since the breakup.

    • Kalani

      I don’t want them back together. I do want them to stay connected and always stay friends.

  • lokita jerkin :)

    Isn’t it obvious that these two are back together

    • Kalani

      No there not. I just hope one day. They eventuality get back together.

    • Kalani

      There not even talking to each other. Hope they both always stay friends. Since justin has his boys around him. His boys need girlfriends.

      • lokita jerkin :)

        If you believe in the lies from tmz then you need to grow up im saying this to you Ryan. You’re wasting you’re time in here commenting rude comments about Justin and calling him gay

      • Ryan

        He.is gay he was caught kissing lil Wayne on the closet

  • Kalani

    He’s not gay. Justin adores being around girls. After all He’s a ladies man. He can get any girl he wants. He’s a lady killer.

    • Kalani

      I’m just so aww of justin. He’s smoking hot. Selena eh she’s okay. I love Justin.

      • Kalani

        He adored Selena so much. They were my favorite couple until Selena started dissing Justin. That’s when I changed my mind about her.

      • Ryan

        He is gay kalani shut up

    • Kalani

      Seriously @ryan shut up. He’s not gay.

  • lokita jerkin :)

    Yea Ryan u got nothing to say now do ya

  • Ryan

    Yea he is gay i don’t give a crap about what you say Lokita jerkin

  • Ryan

    Oh yes lokita jerkin i know u still love me baby even do you broke up with me i still love you my baby girl :) <3

  • lokita jerkin :)

    No i don’t Ryan i broke up with you because you’re not the guy for me now leave me alone and gtfo

  • Mariee

    I do hope they get back together. They seem to keep each other sane. Their business isn’t easy. Fame is not easy.

  • Emily

    They’re not getting back together just because they’re both taking breaks. That’s so stupid, they just both want to take a break that’s it and Justin is in Canada now, so it doesn’t matter if they both take a break.

  • Zoey

    Justin sold his house in Calabasses and he’s moving back to CAnada!!!

    • Kalani

      I’m glad that justin moved back to Canada. He can hangout with his family and of course his boys. Hopefully he spends his bday in Canada.

    • Samantha bieber is sexy and single jB lover

      Tell Justin that Samantha is in happy
      Tears because Justin is coming home to Canada my dream came true
      Because last June when I was in London Ontario he called me and said
      He would come to see me. Becuz
      I need him so much
      And I was there for 10 days to be tested to have seizures doesn’t i had it
      When I was on the phone with Justin
      To make sure I was okay and we talked
      Until2:30 in the morning but I couldn’t
      Sleep at all becuz I miss him so much

  • lambor500S

    I hope they hook up while both of them are taking a break I would love to see them back

    Together they look so hot together. One can only dream But, I do hope it happen.

    Much Love!

  • lambor500S

    Whoever did the photo of justin and selena did a great job.

  • lokita jerkin :)

    I do think they’re is Something going on between them besides just friends

  • selena is my smile….

    @ Ryan AWWW that’s so sweet u still love Lokita jerkin young LOVE never dies I bet you both were cute together…. but she said u weren’t the guy for her anymore….. just like justin……loves my idol selena…. u two are great….. maybe she’ll change her mind u never know… they say jealousy is equal to love…. hope you work it out so you both can be happy. Justin is my idol too but not obsessively.

  • hannah bieber

    Wow that’s just awkward that both of them are taking a break.lol just bcuzz there both taking a break doesn’t mean they going out but hopefully they will soon.I miss jelena .they were so cute together lol and I love them both. and@ Ryan if you think he’s gay why r u on this site???? Nobody said u have to be here ….

  • opip

    kapan justin ke indonesia ???
    kapan justin balikkan sama selena ???
    q selalu menunggunya hingga saat ini !!!

  • honey

    They’re not getting back together and she more than likely taking a break because he is and needs publicity because her tour flopped badly or something is actually wrong and needs a break

  • selena is my smile….

    No my idol is taking a long break because she feels that she needs time to herself and she feels like she needs to spend time with her family….. then my idol will go back into movies and then eventually back into music……

  • sweetie

    I miss them they were so cute i don’t

  • JBD

    Can we all look at the fact that she canceled all her up coming tours, and disappointed millions of her fans’ dreams; instead of “oh I hope they get back together.” Justin would never do that to us, and that’s really rude of her to do that to her fans! Like she couldn’t have figured out she needed time to herself before she went on tour?

    • 888888

      don’t bash on selena an you guys are dumb! She’s right she needs some time off she’s. exhausted but she love her fans she always says that she even cries about them because she loves the support of them. On the other hand Justin’s not nice to his fans he ignores him, there’s evidence there’s a video Justin’s being rude his fans wanted an autograph and they waited for 10 hours and he was being rude and was too rude enough to do it! He calls people fat , he’s so mean and rude, you can’t my opinion , you’re very rude to @selenator because she loves selena , you come to our fan site and bash on selena , we are doing the same to you!

  • selena is my smile….


  • vibsi

    i love justin and selena and i hope but justin is wonderful i love him so muchhh belieber forever

    jelena <333

  • Samantha bieber is sexy and single jB lover

    Hi Justin Love me love me say that
    You love me boyfriend oh how do me
    Justin baby kiss me kiss me say that
    You miss me

  • Bieber’s gal

    What the fu*k!! C’mon justin, that b**ch is nt worth it..!! She is just lukin 4 popularity.. I cnt even sleep m so sad tonight..!