Justin Bieber Still in Love with Selena Gomez, Confirms She was “All That Matters”

Justin Bieber Selena gomez All that Matters

Justin stopped by Big Boy’s Neighborhood for Power 106, and while promoting his new music on the Los Angeles hip-hip radio station, he confessed that he’s still in love with ex-girlfriend Selena and says she was his “All That Matters”.

Justin told Power 106’s Big Boy:

I wrote the best music once my heart was broken.

“All That Matters” was written when I was in a great place in my relationship, and at that time, she was all that mattered in my life.

[The break up] affected us, especially when we are in front of so many people. It’s such a public thing. It’s just hard for the both of us. But you know, she’s a great woman. I love her till this day.

Awwwwwww. But don’t get your hopes up just yet. Justin added:

I think we’re going to be the greatest of friends. Right now we’re taking a little time and not talking.


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