Justin Bieber Surprises His Fans in Theaters

Justin Bieber Surprise Fans in Cinema Theater

Justin Bieber surprising his fans at a showing of his new “Believe” movie in Stratford, CANADA. The film is only in theaters for one week, so be sure to get tickets soon!

@justinbieber: I might just surprise you #believe

  • hannah bieber

    well good thing im going tomorrow lol yay cant wait !!!!!! and they were so lucky

  • nevaeh

    Awwwww I am going to see the movie tomorrow to

  • Sinthia

    Justin Bieber is officially retiring that is what he tweeted that means he officially done with music.

    • Belieber

      scooter said he’s taking a one-year break. And also said he is still going to make music.

    • selena is my smile….

      Sinthia justin was joking about the retirement he’s not really retiring scooter said and confirmed that justin is taking a break from music to spend time with family……

  • abby

    I think it is very sweet of Justin to surprise his fans.

    • Kalani

      Aww, Justin is truly amazing and so adorable. I love justin.

  • essie j

    thats amazing :)

  • TKO


    • TKO

      Sorry, my brother was on my computer…

  • Selenator

    I love Selena so much she’s a queen!!!! Love her!

  • Selenator

    Selena can sing she has albums sexy Selena!

  • Selenator

    Selena’s so beautiful I love her so much!

    • Selenator Forever

      Ikr she’s a role model!!!

  • TKO

    Oh, dear God! Help us, the devil’s back!

  • Ariella

    I saw the movie already and it was amazing!!And that’s really sweet of Justin.He’s visiting the beliebers who going to see the movie :) I love Justin Bieber soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and his BELIEVE movie was incredible!!!Love you Justin!!I like the pic of Justin and his fans by the way.

  • jessica

    I love you and I think you are sexy and I’m only 11 years old. Please come visit me at my house and I live on lake orange road. I’m counting on you job.xoxo

  • Selenator Forever

    I love you selena!

    • TKO

      And why exactly are you talking about Selena?

      • KALANI


  • nicki

    Awww that is sweet. And Awesome. Have fun Justin. They were really happy to see you. I luv you.

  • #1 beleiber 4 ever

    I am so made. I love Justin but he never did enything like that for me. I mean I even wrote him a letter hoping he would respond but nuthing. I know that he is working but if he had time to go watch a move howcome he hasn’t had time respond my lettet;(