Justin Bieber To Replace Paul Walker in Fast Furious 7 Film?

Justin Bieber Fast Furious 7

Will Justin Bieber be Paul Walker‘s replacement in the upcoming Fast and Furious 7 film?

Reports claim that Justin could play Paul’s part in the film if the casting decision is up to Ludacris, who also stars in the film.

According to Carbuzz.com, Ludacris has expressed the wish to cast Justin in Fast And Furious 7.

Do you think Justin would be a good replacement for Paul Walker in the Fast and Furious films?

  • Kalani

    I love Justin. He’s such amazing guy. Who doesn’t love justin. He’s so smoking hot. Justin playing Paul walkers character I don’t know about that. Paul walker is very iconic. Is he even ready for that. I’m sure Justin is busy with other projects.

    • Glory

      i agree! justin is amazing and im so proud of him, but no one could be Paul Walker.

      • tiffany

        well yeah but they need somebody to playt he role now that he’s dead,somebody has to be paul walker.he’s gone ad no longer in this world anymore sooo of course nobody is just like him or gonna be just like him .just accept it.sometimes change is good.

    • Likethemboth

      He will probably come in as another character if the story is true about replacement

  • elizabeth

    No, because Justin’s too young. Paul already had a kid with that one girl .

  • hannah bieber

    I think he will do great :)

  • ivan

    They said it’ a false rumor.

  • Sinthia

    I don’t think he should be replace to play paul on fast furious 7 because his fans with watch it cause he in it but im not trying to say he not a good actor I just think it’s not a good fit for him to be in it.

  • Goodjob

    Hell no…lol thats hilarious

    • tiffany

      shut the f up.he would be great.you’re just jealous

    • ☆Emo~Love♪ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

      Biitch,please.Nobody gives a damn!Choke on a fukin diick if you thinks its that funny.

  • Jenny loves you :)

    Hahaha are you joking this pervert can’t replace the greatest paul walker hell to the no Justin don’t got what it takes to replace him

    • Kalani

      Oh shut up, you fool

    • zoe.

      fIRSTLY he’s not a pervert and second he wouldn’t replace him. Justin would just be another character. Now get off a bieber fan page idiot.

    • ☆Emo~Love♪ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

      Shut the fuk up!Aint nobody caring if you think this or that!Satan cant freakin replace you!Go to hell for heavens sake,niggguh.

  • Belieber

    Yeah that’d be cool.

  • hannah bieber

    @jenny loves you oh stfu already dam your really getting annoying.hes going to be in it and theres nothing u could do about it so calm your a$$ down and deal with it -.-

  • Mariah Bieber

    Omg!He should that would be a really good role for Justin:D Do it:D

  • Rebecca

    OMB YESSSS!!!!!!!!! Justin would be amazing in here <3 <3 <3 Love you Justin, no hate it's my opinion I just love Justin Bieber so much he is my Idol and im a Belieber <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Love you so much Justinnnnnnnnn

  • can you not

    No. He’s a pop singer and should stick to being a pop singer.

    • zoe.

      he’s done a fair bit of acting and is good.

    • tiffany

      taylor swift is a singer and she was on csi,same goes for miley,jonas bothers,ariana grande,demi and selena.just stfu and he’s a not exactly a pop singer anymore for your information.you’re so dumb just let him do what he wants he still gonna sing too.stfu you just hatin

      • can you not

        Sorry for expressing my opinion? Sorry for using my rights? I don’t see how I’m dumb. Please enlighten me thou holy angel of labeling.

      • can you not

        Miley, Demi, Selena, the Jonas brothers and etc.started off acting on Disney anyways so of course they would have acting experience. And CSI isn’t as large of a project as FF7. I simply just don’t think his fans will be able to take El Biebo seriously as an actor. He could be terrible and his fans will claim it was flawless. Besides we should respect Paul Walker’s death…

  • cha bieber


  • amanda B

    I’m ready for ff7 !!!

  • #RUPW

    I Love Justin Bieber So Much, But I Think He Can’t Be Brian O’Conner…. No One Can Play This Role Like Paul Walker…… I Think Justin Should Not Do Dis !!!!

  • tiffany

    lol why all you “beliebers” saying that he shouldn’t do this?? you guys just need to please calm down.i mean if he wants to do it he can.we may be be his beliebers and he loves us but he doesn’t need our approval he’s a grown ass man he knows what he’s doing.besides i don’t even think justin wants to do it,ludacris was the one who wanted him to do it.he started this whole thing,so stop pinting your fingers at justin and stop bashing him(that goes for you no life idiot haters who have nothing better to do but comment on a justin bieber fan page).i don’t watch fast and furious or anything but i would watch it if justin was in there.he is damn sexy.why litteryly everybody is so aginst that? -_____-but he can do what he wants if you don’t like it well that’s okay and i’m not trying to sound mean but whether you guys like it or not,he will make his own damn desicions and do whatever the hell he wants once again,he’s a grown ass man guys.i mean seriously come on. :/

  • Belieber 4 life

    Noooo R.I.P Paul Walker

    • ☆Emo~Love♪ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

      If you were really a “Belieber For Life” you would freakin support him!Take your finger outta you pusseyy and shut the fuk up!

  • HaylieDrewSwag

    well its not what everyone would expect, but someone has to take Paul Walker’s place now that he’s dead. And they say because that Justin is a car enthusiast he will do GREAT!!!
    My family members think that its not a good idea, but sometimes even fast and furious haters might watch because of Justin and they might get more views

  • HaylieDrewSwag

    Anyway they also say that Justin might be replaced as Paul Walker or a younger relative of his.
    Justin is also a huge fan of Paul Walker so they think it might be a great idea. Ludacris thinks it a GREAT IDEA because he himself is a fan of Bieber

  • Tivii

    as much as I love Justin I don’t think ANYONE not even him could replace paul walker in FF7 or any of the FF movies

  • BoyBelieber

    I really like Justin but you just can’t compare him to Paul and I’m going to get really disappointed if he gets the part.

  • Sofia Bieber

    ofc he can! he is so talented♥

  • hannah bieber

    What’s wrong with him acting ??? Other celebrities like selena gomez are acting at a young age Justin is a big fan of paul walker he’s not trying to be like him.hes just playing his character u guys need to calm down paul is dead.if somebody else were to be in it would u hate on them to ??? u beliebers need to calm down and stop hating.its just a role and I’m sure if paul was still alive he would agree with it.and fyi paul will still be in some parts Justin is just playing his younger relative.u guys really need to stop hating and let him do what he wants.

    • can you not

      Well Selena started off as an actress and later got into music so you can’t exactly use that argument.

  • sk

    nooooo way nobody can replace him rip! #donthate

  • al3xs

    They would never let JB play the roll. they would lose to many fans if they did :)
    The roll will go to Paul walkers little brother CODY!!

  • isaovalle1

    I think it would be grat if he was in the film but i think he should not replace paul walker.

  • Cassie

    It this movie is right for Justin but who knows he might be good at it ,but I heard they some Jason guy n Paul Walker brother who know what ever happened ? They should not be no haters the believers know Justin don’t like haters so Justin want be in Paul Walker movie he can it his choce

  • Haha

    As a fast and furious fan and a bieber fan I just don’t think it would be a good idea to bring him in the series not to mention the fact there would be an awkward age gap among the other characters. Honestly i know a lot if ff fans would be dissapointed if they tried to replace walkers character. However i think justin is very talented i just dont think he would quite fit the role within this series thats been around for so many years

  • veronica

    i think he great for the part iam so proud of him

  • nicki