Justin Bieber Visits Typhoon Haiyan Victims in the Philippines

Justin Bieber visits Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines

Justin Bieber plays basketball with children survivors of Typhoon Haiyan during his unannounced visit on Dec. 10, 2013 at Tacloban city.

Justin Bieber visited young victims of Typhoon Haiyan on Tuesday, traveling to the Philippines after launching a worldwide campaign to help those affected by the deadly storm.

Justin arrived from Australia and flew to Tacloban, the devastated capital of central Leyte province, where he distributed shirts, toys and basketballs to children.

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One girl told Manila’s TV5 Television, describing her feelings on seeing her idol:

It was like we were not hit by the typhoon, like Yolanda [Typhoon Haiyan] never came.

He played a very beautiful set. He played a series of Christmas songs and some of his hits as well, including `Baby.

Justin took a quick walk around the school and checked a temporary learning space that was packed with about 300 children, including some from the local neighborhood, before moving to an outdoor stage to sing.

True Happiness

At another school also used as temporary shelter, Justin played basketball with some boys and posed gamely for pictures with his fans.

Angela Kearney, UNICEF’s emergency coordinator for Haiyan response, said in a statement:

Justin brought a lot of joy, hope and cheer to the hundreds of children who were there.

The money he raises will give some of the children who were caught in the path of Haiyan access to education, vaccinations, better nutrition, clean water and sanitation.

  • jadaneale

    People say he does not have a heart this is the Justin I know and love and he is the best idol ever love u jb

    • Daeja Lewis

      I think your right some people don’t believe in him but all he nows is that his fans believe in him and love him

      • Daeja Lewis

        Justin has a big heart and he says that some people don’t believe in him but all he should know is that fans believe in him

  • elisa

    very nice him good for you justin bieber

  • Belieber

    That’s so nice of him. He has such a big heart (: Justin is a really nice person

  • Delina

    see this why like him because he has a heart i feel like people who judge him never take the time to see the real justin they see him as this super star care by himself mom away tell before you judge some get to know them ever you don,t know them still do,t judge like you do.t know what going on in there life for me i am 19 year girl i don,t time to wast on people who judge me and don.t ever know me i have a life to think about why wast my time on hating on someone who made there dream come truer when i can make my dream come truer

  • ivan

    If someone says it’s for publicity, tell them what they are donating to those kids. Also, while they are behind computers, he’s actually there doing something such as helping to build schools and giving away gifts and clothes. Finally, the media jumps whenever he makes a mistake, why don’t they jump on this story? Giving to others bores them?

  • hannah bieber

    Awwww hes so sweet :) he really has a heart and that’s why I love him for that <3 ♡♥ people really need to stop paying attention to the negativity he does and start looking at the positive things he does like helping these innocent children and parents

  • cha bieber

    he’s very amazing! We are really thankful that Justin visited them. No words can explain the happiness justin gave them. I love justin so much. What a big heart he has. Come back soon here in the Philippines! :)

  • elisa

    great that he gave them happiness he has a big heart favorite singer omg hopely she could be marry which that blond with out top nothing happen to the both them justin marry so backoff f**ck hater true love i love you fans of justin bieber drew congrat shocker that kiss someelse instead selena very shocking see that on the mazgine great that he marry to her she just find out about that justin bieber favorite star can see his movie that coming soon your lucky em fan bieber fever love rb need one love

  • Ariella

    Justin Bieber’s a gentleman and he’s super cute.I love it when Justin goes to places and he makes us beliebers happy.This pic of Justin is really nice.He playing a ball sport with a boy and Justin is sooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing that everyone who loves Justin looks up to him. :) Justin Bieber is the greatest guy.

  • Ariella

    The second pic of Justin is cute too.He’s hugging the boy.

  • marvel

    im so happy when im saw justin bieber in tacloban city to help those pilipino poeple that victim of super typhoon yolanda its to justin bieber what he did to yolandas victims of yolanda .i love you very much justin i wish that someday we met you in person hahahahahah ♥ ;)

  • laarnie joy

    lab ya jb…. thank you so much for visiting Philippines.. and for everything you have done and will be doing for the people affected by typhoon Haiyan.. :3

  • Kysha

    See this is what I mean, Justin has a HUGE heart and no one even notices it because their to busy judging him trying to see when he will screw up ,but then when he does do something like this no one even cares because all they want is for him to make another mistake, I mean come on he’s human he gonna make mistakes, we all do and for him to being doing something like this for those kids that’s wonderful and so amazing, look at those kids faces,do you think their gonna care how many mistakes he made if he’s doing something like this for them? No their not because they know that Justin would not be doing any of that if he didn’t care, Justin has a HUGE heart just TAKE TIME TO NOTICE IT :)
    Love You, Justin

  • minal gupta

    yaa u r right kysha justin really has huge heart for his beliebers and always be …….
    love uuu jb.good effort:)

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    aw he is so nice i love him so much :)

  • sara

    Justin has the biggest heart. He is the nicest person i know. he is trying as hard as he can. He doesn’t need the hate. I thank all the fans that is giving him so much support. He need’s all the love to fill in the hole of hate. I love u Justin. <3:))))

  • hannah bieber

    I agree with kysha and sara your welcome :) and yea I agree he needs so much support <3

  • nicki


  • #1Belieber

    My own mother hates on him. But I don’t care ‘cus this reminded me that he has biggest heart I’ve ever seen in a celebrity. And that’s why he’ll be my idol till I die.
    I love you Justin! I pray for you everyday for all the good you do for others.

  • Abby

    He is so inspiring and a good influence ! Love him

  • marvel

    yes its a true kysha therres a lot of people judging him but i dont want anyone to judge him bec. they didnt know who is justin to us .im going to fight anyone to jugde my idol

    ♥♥ j b
    ♥ u i
    ♥ s e
    t b
    i e
    n r

    by: you true belieber marvel ferpecio from the phillipines

  • Daeja Lewis

    Justin if you ever read these comments then you should that all these people that go on here are true beliebers

  • Daeja Lewis

    Justin bieberjas a heart and all those people that don’t like him are loser

  • mitali

    what to say about your fabulous works of the haiyan typhoon?
    just want to say that ‘I love you’ and I will do it always…