Justin Bieber ‘All That Matters’ to Break VEVO RECORD Campaign!

Justin Bieber break vevo record

“ALL THAT MATTERS” music video will premiere on Monday Dec2 7:30pm EST and the Beliebers need to break the record straight of Miley Cyrus’s “WRECKING BALL” music video with 19.3 millions of views in 24 hours.

How VEVO Record works? Find out!

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  1. I think you could if it was up I check at 7.30pm and it wasn’t up then I check every 30 minute it wasn’t up and now it is 12.30am so where is the video please

  2. I think there are parents not allowing some young Believers to watch the video; they might think it’s too sexy otherwise it would have a lot more views. But it does not matter if it breaks the record; it’s difficult to have 20 million views in 24 hours and people were attracted to Miley’s video because they figured it would be scandelous.

  3. “You’re all that matters to me, yeah, yeah,
    What’s a king bed* without a queen
    There ain’t no “I” in team
    You make me complete
    You’re all that matters to me

    Take the gas out the car it won’t drive
    That’s how I feel when you’re not by my side
    When I wake up in the morning up under you, and only you”

    ;) ;) ;) ;) FAVORITE PART <3 (had this song on repeat for the longest!)

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