Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Accused of ‘Throwing a Fan’s Father’ Down Hotel Stairs in Australia

Justin Bieber Bodyguard

Conflicting allegations of assault have been flying around Justin Bieber’s camp from Australia.

Justin’s bodyguard was accused of throwing a fan’s father down a flight of stairs at the Hyatt Hotel in Perth, Western Australia on Friday, however TMZ is now stating that the allegations may have been made up.

According to multiple reports, the protective parent yelled at Justin’s bodyguard for disrespecting his daughter and then tossed him through a door with a set of stairs behind it.

Local Australian news outlet theWest.com.au spoke with witness Trisha Horsham, she claimed:

A family of five walked into the area and within seconds we heard this hysterical screaming.

They walked in and were told not to approach Justin Bieber. Apparently the man said, “Hey mate, don’t speak to my daughters like that.”

The bodyguard then picked the father up, threw him out the door, which meant he was thrown down the stairs, and pushed the mother.

One of the daughters was on the floor hyperventilating. Then the mother started having a panic attack.

Trisha Horsham claimed she was a few feet from the incident, and said an ambulance and police were called.

TMZ’s version of events start off the same but ends far more peacefully.

According to TMZ sources, the father-daughter fans had wanted to meet Justin and demanded to know where Justin was. The determined dad started yelling, but he was escorted out of the building – but NOT THROWN.

Justin has not publicly spoken out about the incident, choosing instead to send a peaceful message on his Twitter page on Saturday. but he wrote: “If someone does wrong to you do not pay them back by doing wrong to them Romans 12:17″

  • Bieber’s Shawty❤❤

    Justin’s bodyguards are shit, they should change them. And bring Kenny back..he was more nice than this crap that they call bodyguards.

  • ivan

    TMZ spoke to the police and they indicated the father lied about the bodyguard-so it did not happen.

  • Darius

    Justin’s answer proofs that he’s a christian :) God Bless you bro!


    Scoundrels ! You’ll what new !

  • hannah bieber

    Wow Justin really needs new bodyguards well I’m glad tmz didn’t say anything bad about him this time and this shows he really is a Christian :) yay :)

  • Smart belieber njhs

    His body grauds are so rude to people they should bring back Kenny he was so nice to the fans

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    i really dont like his bodyguards they are assholes

    • Kalani

      Seriously, there probably just protecting Justin. If the guy wouldn’t agontize the bodyguard maybe none of this would happen.

  • Belieber

    I wish they can bring Kenny back to be Justin’s bodyguard. He was more nicer.

  • hannah bieber

    What happened to kenny anyways ???

    • Kalani

      I would guess he probably moved on to other jobs. I would say him and Justin are friends or there not. Well if the his bodyguards were nice. Then the freaking paps and his fans world take advantage of Justin. Besides isn’t Justin clausephobic. So is Selena

  • Tori -BeLIeBeR#1

    y dd de paps tak advantag of the body guards nd JB dats all I wana knw abt de story wow dnt the ppl knw dat dey nt supost 2 be clos 2 a celeb as lng as dey dnt knw u
    #LUV U JB
    #friend sys she luv u nd hy -hi

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