Justin Bieber’s Bodyguards Hugo & Michael Arrested after Attacking Police, Report Says

Justin Bieber Bodyguards

Justin Bieber’s two bodyguards, Hugo Hesny and Michael Arana, were recently arrested after ALLEGEDLY attacking a cop at a fan event in Florida.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ.com, while Hugo was arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer, Michael was put behind bars for disorderly conduct.

TMZ claimed that Michael became loud and disorderly and “took a fighting stance” while demanding to know why Hugo had been arrested. After allegedly drunk Michael resisted arrest, officers put him on the ground and delivered numerous knee strikes to his ribs.

However, Hugo & Michael’s friend told the pap, “They didn’t attack nobody, they got attacked.”

Is TMZ twisting the story?


  1. Tmz has twisted the truth before. Remember the story that Justin was chased by Mr. Johnson for speeding all the way to his house, also supposedly seen driving by two others, and it turned out he was not the driver? Also, we know that police sometimes overreact so we don’t know for sure what happened. But TMZ wants to ruin Justin so they will post anything having to do with justin or his assiciates to smear him.

  2. Idk what to believe but as long as Justin isn’t involved I don’t really care but Justin really needs new bodyguards bcuzz the ones he has now are just disrespectful and rude and there making him a bad person. he really needs Kenny back

  3. I’m glad the bodyguards didn’t say anything to the camera cuz who knows where that could’ve gone. Anyway, I’m just happy that it didn’t involveJustin. I just wish that TMZ would admit all the lies they’ve made about everyone.

  4. Maybe the cops taught they were Rodney King, the black guy they beat up a few years ago. Anyway, L.A. cops can be a little funny in the way they deal with people of color; witnesses say Hugo and Mikey did not do anything that bad.

  5. I was there and I didn’t see anything about them attacking cops. It was at the Miami Believe Meet Up. This is all lies.

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