Justin Bieber’s New Dog Karma

Justin Bieber Dog karma

Check out the first photo of Karma – the precious puppy that Justin just bought himself for Christmas! Justin bought the English Bulldog at Ruffin’s Pet Centre on Friday afternoon (December 27) in Stratford, Toronto.

Justin Bieber puppy Karma

Justin’s dad Jeremy Bieber shared the first photo of the adorable little puppy on Instagram with the caption: “Meet Karma Bieber #puppy.” The name Karma was selected by one of fans after they asked for some ideas.

Justin informed fans simply, tweeting, “Got a new pup.” How cute!

What do you think of Justin’s new puppy Karma?

  • Nicole Sanchez

    How precious and cutie doggie

    • nevaeh

      I love whatever you love Justin

  • Belieber

    I like that name. it’s cute :)

    • nevaeh

      I love the new puppy and the name I love whatever Justin bieber loves

  • Averie

    aww its so cute! i love the name! <3

  • Ariella

    The dog looks cute!!Justin Bieber’s a lucky guy!! :)

  • Cheerleader belieber

    Aww it so cute Justin Bieber you have the cutest dog ever

  • hannah bieber

    awwww that dog is so cute :) Justin better be careful with it

  • Sinthia

    It’s cute but when it get older.

  • essie j

    she’s so cute aw :)

  • Emily

    What a f…..g idiot! Are you really accusing him of abusing his cat!?. Think about what you are saying for a second! Get the f..k out!.

    • Emily

      That comment was to “lokita jerkin :)” btw…

  • marwa justina

    justin i wish you a mary christmas and a happy new year
    can you bay me for free just take me with you

  • honey

    He’s a sweetie now but when he grows up that’s a different story

    • honey

      I’m just wondering what is it because I’m calling it a he when it could be a girl like tuts

  • Cara V.

    Omgg! So cute :D <3

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    omg is so cute and adorable is so cute ahh i need to calm down

  • Sarah

    yeah. how long till he abandons and mistreats this one like his other pets.

  • lokita jerkin :)

    Stupid ass hole ANIMAL ABUSER !!!!!!

    • Kalani

      No he’s not. He’s amazing and hottie.

  • tabitha.morales

    He is cute just like me did u guys have goooooood christmas b/c i did happy new years 2 u guys
    from tabitha

  • cookieface

    Hope he brings him on his next tour

  • Prairie(BELIEBER)


  • Kysha

    Karma is SOOOO ADORABLE…Just Like Justin :)

  • Wth?

    Dying of cuteness!!!!

  • Phurba

    YaY I love it and + It’s a Buddhist Name………