Justin Bieber’s Thickest Mustache

Justin Bieber Thick Mustache

Justin and his makeup artist Debbie Gallagher.

@desertdebs: Thanks for letting me travel the world with you @justinbieber .

    • he does not have to listen to you if he don’t want to.he looks sexy with a mustache and if the man wants to keep it he can.you aint’t his mama,you can tell himm to shave it all you want but he ain’t gonna listen mkya?i think he’s been witing for a mustache for a while now it shows that he’s grown and became so mature over the years and it’s also sexy so that’s a plus.fk off an let him do whatever the fuck he wants.it’s his body.if you were a tur belieber you wouldjust learn to go with it sweetheart.

      • dang girl calm down? If you wanna hate on a belieber learn how to write true! if she thinks it doesn’t look sexy then let her? omg calm down

    • if you are a fan that doesnt mean you have to accept everthing he does…you are out of your mind guys? if he kills someone you would be happy for him? Think! I am a boy belieber but that doesnt mean I accept everything

  1. Justin doesn’t have to shave the mustache if he doesn’t want to he’s 19 let him keep it on his face if he wants it on his face.

  2. Even Joe Jonas grew one. Personally i prefer no mustache but he looks good either way. He might become the Billy Dee Williams or Clark Gable or Zorro of pop. Lol

  3. Jeez Juju please get rid of you’re uggo stache….love everything about you especially your tats but the stache has gots to go asap!!! Looks ridiculous!!!

  4. Justin Bieber’s mustache is really nice and It’s starting to grow.Justin Bieber’s a grown up and he’s the best guy on Earth.

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