Justin Reveals 5 More Artworks from his ‘Journals’

Justin Bieber 5artworks

Justin Bieber is releasing 5 more artworks from his complete collection of Music Mondays songs; One Life, Backpack feat. Lil Wayne, What’s Hatnin’ feat. Future, Swap It Out and Memphis feat. Big Sean. The album release is titled “Justin Bieber: Complete My Journals”  and drops on iTunes on December 16, 2013.

Justin Bieber Backpack

Justin Bieber Memphis

Justin Bieber One Life

Justin Bieber Swap it out

Whats Hatnin

  • AmyheArt

    Is this going to be a cd soon that’s why this is for a limited time

    • John Kerby

      Ya iTunes only I’m afraid iTunes only at this moment

      • AmyheArt

        The cd is coming soon

    • Belieber for life

      wait so this is gonna be on a disc?

  • Elisa Arifin

    Gila gua suka semua gambar cover di setiap lagu #MusicMondays kreatip banget yang buat apalagi yang Alone buset dah simpel bener haha
    jadi gak sabar buat lagu yang selanjutnya :*

  • Liliana

    Iam excited for your new album. I love you so much Justin.

  • Kalani

    I know right. Hope Justin’s songs hit to number one one the billboard charts. When he promotes his new album.

  • hannah bieber

    Omg that’s great. Cant wait to hear them. Sadly I don’t get itunes on my phone :( hopefully it will come out soon

    • AmyheArt

      It will be on cd soon

      • Belieber for life

        Good I don’t tend to use Itunes I prefer on a disc.

  • essie j

    omfg im so excited

  • Belieber

    I cannot not wait to hear the colab. with Lil’ wayne! So excited for the cd.

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    yay more music i cant wait to here them .. really i cant wait for backpack :)

  • Diana Garrido

    cool artworks there so so so cool I can’t wait to hear them and buy them on iTunes keep up the good work justin and also I can’t wait for your new album next year I love you justin so so so much

  • nicki


  • Tbelieber

    Ohhhh this is gona be good!!! Backpack I remember him talking about that along time ago I’m excited to hear it it’s supost to be about an alien??!!!❤️