Justin Reveals 5 More Artworks from his ‘Journals’

Justin Bieber 5artworks

Justin Bieber is releasing 5 more artworks from his complete collection of Music Mondays songs; One Life, Backpack feat. Lil Wayne, What’s Hatnin’ feat. Future, Swap It Out and Memphis feat. Big Sean. The album release is titled “Justin Bieber: Complete My Journals”  and drops on iTunes on December 16, 2013.

Justin Bieber Backpack

Justin Bieber Memphis

Justin Bieber One Life

Justin Bieber Swap it out

Whats Hatnin

  1. AmyheArt
    • John Kerby
    • Belieber for life
  2. Elisa Arifin
  3. Liliana
  4. Kalani
  5. hannah bieber
  6. Belieber
  7. ♥belieber&jelenator♥
  8. Diana Garrido
  9. nicki
  10. Tbelieber