Merry Christmas Beliebers!

Merry Christmas Justin Bieber

We want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year 2014. :)

Don’t forget, BELIEVE movie in theaters on Christmas day.

  1. Merry christmas to you all too , and happy new year . Hope and wish this new year may the almighty bless you , may all of you succeed in every step of your lives and a lots of love and happiness to all of you.

  2. OMB!!!!Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe video!!I love it and I love the cute pic of Justin.Tomorrow I’m going to see Justin’s movie BELIEVE :) Merry Christmas everyone!!

  3. I miss the old Justin. Maybe his persona was made for him, but he looked happy and innocent. It is a shame what the world does to people. Hope he takes time off….like 5-8 years….to enjoy his family and finish making bad choices (out of the limelight).

    • Hey Justin I Love you baby I miss you
      I have my grandparents from Elliot lake
      Ontario and Newfoundland
      Names are spencer and dawn
      Hohoho the mistole my Justin is bieberclause

      My secret Santa mrs.clause Samantha Bieber
      I got a huge new karaoke singing machine&
      Thank you for helping Santa picking the key perfum
      It’s. sexy makeup &hairties that says swag
      On it lovesamanthaoxoxo

  4. Merry Christmas Justin I Love You So Much < 3 thankyou for everything you have done for us Belieber's your AMAZING person and don't forget that i love you. and to ALL the Belieber's have amazing Christmas and New year. BTW who is watching Believe tomorrow i know i am haha ok i'm gone :D

  5. merry Christmas Justin and to all your family.hope u guys have a good holiday and Justin thank u for saving my life <3 hopefully 2014 will be a great year for u and for us beliebers.merry Christmas to all u beliebers.i love u all.thank u for supporting Justin and so blessed to be part of this fanbase <3 Thank u guys so much.merry Christmas everyone and happy new year !!!!! :)

  6. have you heard justin is officially retiring !!!!!
    can someone please tell me what the hell is going on!!!!


    • Jojo it’s a rumor taking a break from music in 2014 to focus more on the family and hopefully TO find himself justin is trying to be a better person trying to make better decisions he will come back to us soon….. baby justin loves us don’t forget that this March 20years old can’t believe it justin grew up so fast STILL here when he finds the right girl and gets married one day # EXITED here forever

  7. Merry Christmas To Justin N Family..Hope U All Will Have A Wonderful Day..Merry Christmas To All The Beliebers Too..Bye..Luv U All <3 ..God Bless U

  8. Merry Christmas To Justin N Family..Hope U All Will Have A Wonderful Day..Merry Christmas To All The Beliebers Too..Bye..Luv U All..God Bless U

  9. Hey merry kiss mas / Christmas
    And I Love you Justin 30xx
    Oxoxo me and Julia my niece who’s
    11 who’s twitter that I used and tweeted
    You and video chat with you
    And I feel sorry about you retiring
    Because I love you4 ever
    I care about you. Alott you are always in
    My heart every time I cry I miss you or
    Hurt. Then I need you boyfriend & touch
    & someone to talk to , trust for 4years
    Love you baby sweetheart Justin
    Love Samantha oxoxo

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