Perez Hilton & Beliebers Twitter Feud on Christmas Day!


The phrases #PerezRetireFromBeingAPedophile and #SuspendPerezHilton were trending on Twitter on Christmas day, apparently because Perez had some harsh words for Justin and posted photos of him with some very NSFW rhetoric.

Referring to Justin’s shocking statement that he was retiring from singing, Perez tweeted on Christmas Eve: Sadly, Bieber retiring is just a pathetic publicity stunt for his new documentary movie, which comes out tomorrow.”

Perez used the hashtag #Goodbye Justin, and followed up that tweet with this one below, which uses vulgar language:


According to reports, Beliebers &  Directioners (One Direction fans) were behind the #PerezRetireFromBeingAPedophile and #SuspendPerezHilton hashtags.

PerezHilton Twitter Mad

    • He must really love Selena Gomez lol and wow I am just play I have nothing to say about the picture I love you too much Justin can you please call me

    • Dear Perez,
      SHUT THE HELL UP!!! God gonna take u to hell cuz of criticizing! If I see u I will go MADEA on you cuz I know
      WHØÕPŸŒÅŚŠ!! Now,gotta criticize me i might sue you nigga so chidychidybangbang (you get shot) you ain’t bout that life! So go somewhere Read the BIBLE probably don’t know what that is ! Don’t mess with any of GODS people. ONe day you’ll see I’m famous. But haters gonna hate and god should give u a lesson. DeNaya Trïłł bįębš

  1. Justin…… I know you are human and you make mistakes but I was just wondering why do you smoke???????????????? Please tell me???????

  2. Perez Hilton is pathetic he have no right to say that about Justin. Justin is the best idol ever I love Justin i am proud of Justin Justin is here to stay forever

  3. pares Hilton ur so MEAN tottally Justin bieber has a GOLDEN HEART by the way I’m a big fan of u parez but not at all after on what you did on Justin but Im still thankful to Justin after he help the phillipines :)tnx Justin love you

    • Wait why did Perez Hilton say anything about Justin. Seriously, Justin is amazing guy. Perez is just stupid and ignorant. He knows nothing about Justin.

  4. te amo jostin bieber te sigo a todas partes cuando voz estas en argentin te voy a ver auque gaste 2000 pesos voy lo mismo te amo te amo soy tu fan numero 1 tengo todas tus fotos te amo y me gustaria conoserte te AMO :)

  5. But the funny thing is, everyone (including Beliebers) know Justin’s retiring is a publicity stunt for the movie.
    Perez is just the first to outright say it (not in the nicest way, but still).

  6. directioners to ??? lol omg and perez Hilton is just so rude.he doesn’t understand what its like being a big popstar -.- and hes not retiring hes just taking a break.perez Hilton needs to stfu and sit his ugly ass down and maybe he needs to retire.nobody even cares about him anyways lol

  7. I really hope that Perez Hilton’s son dosent trun out like rude, fat, & a BULLY like his dad is. Perez is just upset that he didn’t get invited to the Belive Movie Premier.

  8. Perez is such trash now. His website really isn’t as popular as he tries to believe it is. He’s a bit redundant now and has ruined his career because he just tries to cause controversy. He’s a disgusting human being. He’s a disgrace to gays everywhere. If he looked into his facts he’d have found that when he said that JOKINGLY he said he was just going to be taking a break, which he needed a while ago to be honest. He can’t exhaust himself. He needs to relax and just take time to unwind.

  9. Perez is so frickle. When Justin first started his career, he was so kind to Justin. Now he has not been very kind the Justin; especially during this last year of rebellion for Justin. Perez also use to be good friends with Lady GaGa, now he is having a fight with her on twitter. So, it is no surprise he is lashing out at Justin. He just wants to get more readers to his site. He knows that if you says bad things about Justin, Justin’s fans will come to website and make comments. This gets him more chances to make money. So, don’t give Perez a second thought. He is just like others trying to make money from using Justin’s name. Perez is just sad because Justin isn’t in his life anymore. They use to be friends.

    • i heat perez hilton he always have something to say about justin it makes me mad at him beause he says bad things about that tmz likes to say stuff why cant they just shut the f up and poor justin cant gooo nowere with out theam following him everywere he is just a person and they just whent to be apart of the show and perez just whents to be a big shot taking pics of justin just to make monney

  10. Honestly Perez Hilton needs to stfu.He’s just jealous becuz that nigga is ugly and Justin is sexy.And he needs to stop bringing up all the bad a bring up some good in Justin’s past year.Yea i understand it wasn’t the best year,but in 2014 i know he’ll do way better that 2013.I can relate my 2013 year was bad,but 2014 i’m planning on doing better.So yea Perez Hilton keep your comments to yourself!!#Love Justin4ever

  11. Is he serious first of all 1d is nowhere near Justin lvl and I doubt that they could fill up soccer stadiums with fans. Honestly no hate towards them and I really wanna know why Perez f*cking Hilton is taking the joke to a lvl where it didnt need to go so can he not for real

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