Photographer Mike Lerner Thanked Justin Bieber for the Amazing Opportunity

Justin Bieber and Mike Lerner

Mike Lerner, a man who worked as a photographer for Justin’s Believe Tour, has finished his job as the tour ended on December 08. Mike updated his blog on Tumblr with new photo (above) during behind the scenes in one of the shows. He also posted a message thanking Justin for the amazing opportunity. Check it out below:

Thanks for the opportunity, kid. Thanks for always being gracious and kind to me.

Justin’s a great guy to work for. He never yelled or was a dick to me. I never took a photo at the wrong time because we had an understanding. He always took a second to sign something or make a little video for a family member. He didn’t have to, he could’ve easily been a diva, but he’s a good kid and I hope for the best for his future.

Despite what anyone reading this thinks, just take into account he is always kind to me. So as Patrick Stump once said, THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!

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