Snowy Christmas

Snowman Christmas

Justin celebrates Christmas with family in Canada.

@justinbieber: Snowy christmas

Justin BIeber Christmas Gifts

  • hannah bieber

    kyle massey ???? lol omg I had noo idea him and Justin were friends lol and I hope Justin and the family had a good time :)

  • Ariella

    That’s a really nice Christmascelebration!!I love Justin and he’s standing infront a nice big snowman!!Justin Bieber’s amazing and Happy Holidays!! :)

    • Ariella

      I mean Christmas celebration.

  • nevaeh

    Happy holiday love you

  • Kalani

    I didn’t know Kyle Massey was in Canada with Justin. Him and Justin must be really good friends.

  • Erica

    I luv u justin, huge fan! ;)

  • #1Belieber

    Love you Justin. Belieber forever

  • Selia Horan

    Peut-être que tu es mignon avec ton petit frère mais franchement pourquoi tu fait genre le mec il et bonber de fric . Pour moi de fois tu me dégoûté a faire le mec plein d’argent en plus je déteste sa…

  • Mariah Bieber

    Looks like so much fun..I luv seeing Justin and Jaxon together in makes me feel warm inside like i can feel their strong connection. #FamilyLove

  • nicki

    #Snowy Christmas :)
    # I luv the Snow Man you guys made :)
    #Merry Christmas :)
    #Have Fun :)
    #Happy New Year’s :)