Traveling Photographer Nick Onken Talks About Justin Bieber & Pencil Of Promise

Justin Bieber's Photographer Interview on HUFFPOST

Justin Bieber’s Photographer Interview on HUFFPOST LIVE

Traveling Photographer Nick Onken joins HuffPost Live to discuss his recent experience alongside Justin Bieber in Guatemala, their volunteer work for “Pencils Of Promise” & fulfilling his obligation as a world citizen by giving back with his photos.

Justin Bieber & Pencil of Promise in Guatemala. Photo by Nick Onken

Justin Bieber & Pencil of Promise in Guatemala. Photo by Nick Onken

Nick said that traveling off the beaten path with Justin gave him a glimpse into the ‘unguarded side’ of the pop star.

Everyone wants to talk to him, everyone wants a piece and so he’s always on guard, all the time. So what was amazing is I got to experience an unguarded side of Justin. The big-hearted, wants to help the world and make the world a better place Justin. And I really got to see that authenticity.

I can see how the world of celebrity and everything can really shelter him and put him on guard all the time. So to go to a place where nobody knows who he is and that was, I think, an incredible experience for him because we were so far into the jungle that we got there and people just saw him as another foreigner that wants to help and help build the schools.

WATCH FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW, Nick Talks about Pencil Of Promise & Justin Bieber:

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