VIDEO: Justin Bieber Surfing in Byron Bay Australia

Justin Bieber Surfing at Wategos Beach in Byron Bay Australia

Here’s the video footage of Justin surfing at Wategos Beach in Byron Bay , Australia (November 27).

14 thoughts on “VIDEO: Justin Bieber Surfing in Byron Bay Australia

  1. Ke$ha

    Wow his abs #grown up awwwh. I’m a belieber but I wonder if all bad stories about him are true.He’s a nice christian man + I love him and his music and everything bout him! My future hubby lol. Belieber4life 8-D

    1. SamanthaLuvsJustin

      I don’t think those stories are true cuz he’s too nice for that crap. Don’t listen to all of it cuz you just gotta believe in him no one else & all the Beliebers that left weren’t even real Beliebers.

  2. hannah bieber

    And I agree with samanthaluvs Justin. I won’t believe anything until Justin actually admits its true but I still wouldn’t leave him

  3. ivan

    If you could find it, I made a list of a lot of the false stories about him in the last two years; just press search. The latest is that his bodyguard threw someone’s father down the stairs and shoved a fan; this never happened. The person was angry and make it up according to TMZ [surprise!]


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