100+ Pics: Justin Bieber Vacation in Panama Beach

Justin Bieber Water Shirtless Sport in Panama Beach 3

Having fun  in Panama.

More pics of Justin in Panama. Usher and Scooter Braun reportedly rush to Panama resort to talk to him regarding his recent DUI troubles in Miami. Also, lot of pics with new bikini model Chantel Jeffries in the gallery.

Usher meet Justin Bieber in panama

usher and Scooter Braun flew to Panama to meet Justin

Usher is reportedly trying to get through to Justin and make him change his ways.

Justin Bieber and Chantel in Panama BeachJustin Bieber in Panama Beach january 25Justin Bieber in Panama january 26 2014 143 Justin Bieber in Panama january 26 2014 11Justin Bieber sexy shirtless in Panama january 26 2014 11Justin Bieber in Panama january 26 2014 88Justin Bieber in 5Panama january 26 2014 11Justin Bieber shirtless 2 in Panama january 26 2014 11

21 thoughts on “100+ Pics: Justin Bieber Vacation in Panama Beach

  1. SamanthaLuvsJustin

    I really hope that Usher talks some sense into Justin & convinces him to go back to his old ways. Like not acting out at the paps. Oh! And pulling his pants up higher, I don’t care if he says no, I really just don’t think it’s attractive to have your pants that low! Also, of course no drug & alcohol intake.

  2. jessica

    I want to join ….. It is -5 out here today and thats with out the windchill …. :( i Live in the US ILLIONIS IS THE STATE AND MY CITY IS LIKE AN ICEBOX :(

  3. selena is my smile

    Guys justin is gonna get deported back home!!!!!!!! Everyone feels that justin is a drug abuser he’s a reckless driver and other they signed a position for it yes it’s true because it was on the news…….. they don’t feel like justin belongs here in the usa. Tweet justin guys he needs you……….. the journey with justin might END NOW JUST GOOGLED IT…….. IF U DON’T BELIEVE. ME GO ON GOOGLE AND TYPE IN JUSTIN BIEBER…….

      1. Birk1

        Are you insane? Justin Bieber contributes to the economy every year and pays millions in taxes to the I.R.S. and the state he lives in each year. It’s not like the taxpayers are footing the bill for him to live in the U.S.A. Plus he has NO criminal record at all!

  4. hannah bieber

    ummmm no hes not getting deported.obama said he would never deport him because he admires him alot and his daughters are beliebers soo yea. anways im glad justin is having fun but i still think he needs a little help.hopefully he will listen to usher and the crew.

  5. Birk1

    He looks like he is happy right now.. Maybe he knows there are people who care about him as a person, not just because of his fame and money. I hope he listens to people who may be able to talk him into getting help. All of this failure on the part of people who are supposed to be his support system mainly his parents, who are both named as being contributors to his arrest in Miami is horrifying. I pray for someone to come into his life that will act in his best interests.


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