100,000 Haters Have Signed a Petition to Deport Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Canada

More than 100,000 people have signed a petition and urging the Obama administration to revoke Justin’s US residency status and send him back to his native Canada.

Since Justin’s not an American citizen — and has said he never plans on becoming one — outraged Americans/haters have proposed a solution to just go ahead and deport him.

Here’s what the petition says:

We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture. We would like to see the dangerous, reckless, destructive, and drug abusing, Justin Bieber deported and his green card revoked. He is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nations youth. We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society.

Accorting to TIME, fortunately one cannot simply deport Justin. Plus, the White House already receives tons of petitions.

Justin resides in the US on an O-1 visa, which is reserved for “individuals with an extraordinary ability in the arts or extraordinary achievement in motion picture or television industry.”

According to federal law, only violent crimes and sentences longer than 1 year result in a re-evaluation of visa status.

(g) Criminal activity. A condition of a nonimmigrant’s admission and continued stay in the United States is obedience to all laws of United States jurisdictions which prohibit the commission of crimes of violence and for which a sentence of more than one year imprisonment may be imposed. A nonimmigrant’s conviction in a jurisdiction in the United States for a crime of violence for which a sentence of more than one year imprisonment may be imposed (regardless of whether such sentence is in fact imposed) constitutes a failure to maintain status under section 241(a)(1)(C)(i) of the Act.

So, haters, try not to get your hopes up.

  • nicki


    • Sinthia

      Oh man I don’t get this.

      • Tabitha Morales


      • justin beaver

        he says he’s the same person you seen on youtube except he’s conceded, rude and is Canadian, damn you Canada. you can have him back.


    How is being deported a solution? I just know that he has a second chance to put his life back on track. I will always support Justin, I never will want to lose him.

  • batoolbeliebes

    ok i think we all agree that he missed up a lil, but thats just a small part of being young i mean c’mon ppl should know better than that, hes not stupid he’ll put his life back on track again, he just needs time, he has alot going on right now in his life

  • H

    These people wanting to deport him have serious issues. You believe everything you hear/see on the media to true? How about getting a petition together to put stricter laws out on paparazzi and fake news journalists who publish lies all day long. Cause I’m sure these “700,000” people never screwed up in their lives. Famous or not.

    • Kalani

      Uh hello they have no say if he’s does or does not get deported. Who are they a judge

  • Sinthia

    Even Drake Bell want’s this to happen.

    • Kalani

      He’s a lost cause so is nick carter and Aaron carter. There one hit wonders

  • stringbiebs

    He’s a great influence. I think the best idols are the ones that makes mistakes. I mean who wants to look up to someone perfect? Isn’t it good to show youth that not everyone is perfect? There are more major issues in the U.S. then what Justin has done. The arrest story seems to be proven as faked by the police. He isn’t drug abusing, those are justa stupid stories made up to get him in trouble. The White House has way more important crimes like kidnapping, murder, rape, human trafficking, slavery and among others.

  • lambor500S

    Sorry young people for the language
    But, this is such BULL SHIT. I had never
    Seem so many people have such
    Hate on one young person. I hope
    Obama just laugh and throw that
    Crap in the trash. If, it even get to him

  • kelly

    I Dont Want That Cause I Wanted To Have A Chance To Meet Him

  • kelly

    And Also Believers Here In Phoenix Didnt Meet Him And Thats My Biggest Dream & i say its not fair

  • Justins wife:*

    Hahahaha these people are stupid as crap. Like Obamas going to care about what their opinion on Justin is. He isnt going ANYWHERE. They should pull their brains out of their butts and learn to quit hating.

  • believerforever

    they are freaking dom ass skens ass hoes they

  • hannah bieber

    wow I cant believe people hate him that much people are stupid.obama said he would never deport him bcuzz he admires him and bcuzz his daughters are beliebers.they all want such a young talented person out of this country wow that’s just mest up.i want to cry right now </3

  • Well he is labled america’s brat.

    • Kalani

      GTFO, no he’s not a brat or a arrogant jerk. That’s cause the media thinks of him that way.

  • Belieber

    Person above me, stfu & get off!
    I think its stupid of what’s they’re doing. Like wtf?

    • Calm your tits little girl its not the end of the world.

      • Belieber

        how about you just Leave me alone, get off, stop talking b.s about justin, and don’t start shit with me. -.-



    • KC

      Stop saying no one has the right to deport him. Justin is in this country on a green card. If he breaks the law and if convicted he can be deported back to Canada. AMERICA has the RIGHT to force him to leave. Use your brain.

      With that said he won’t be deported because he was not convicted.

      • Kalani

        Uh hello people. No one has any right or say if he does or doesn’t. Seriously deport him for drinking water. Pls give me a break

      • Kalani

        Stfu seriously you truly are demented and stupid. Not even Obama would deport him. Moron

  • Lovely

    WTF he’s made some mistakes he’s not perfect he’s just human deporting him isn’t going to solve your problems cmon other fucking stars have done this and they don’t get deported. LEAVE JUSTIN ALONE!!! all he needs is sone help and a second chance to turn things around.

  • asdf

    I’m pretty upset about the lack of punishment Justin Bieber received, too, but deporting him for these reasons is completely unnecessary…there are so many other role models in the US who have done MUCH worse and they’re still here. If people are that upset about this, they should petition for a change in the deportation law…not attack Justin Bieber specifically.

  • Jennifer

    Bullshit bullshit

  • Kalani

    I feel sorry for people who dont understand that black people make juju take drugs

    • Stone

      Are you actually blaming black people for this?

    • Kalani

      Poser, who says stuff like that.

  • MellyBieber

    So he might get deported for a expired license o.O and someone who killed lots of people don’t
    OK I see how you guys are

  • Jaida

    He might be deported back to Canada ugh immigration

    • Sinthia

      Yeah is so sad to hear him getting deported for what he deserve they had say he not a citizen of the united states so ya.

  • BelieberDude96

    Well, in all honesty, Canada’s way better than the US in every possible way, so I think he should make the choice to move back if he wants to. LA is full of pollution and crime anyway, so there’s always the chance that he can get with the wrong crowds. He should move to Vancouver, BC; it’s gorgeous, clean, Canadian, not riddled with paparazzi, and he can pretty much smoke all the weed he wants, lol.

    But there are absolutely no grounds for him to be deported; there are tonnes of illegal immigrants and criminals hiding in the country that have done far worse things than resist an arrest and (allegedly) egg a house. I don’t think a normal 19 year-old doing normal things a teen would do is a huge concern.


      You’re Right ! The USA’re Foolish Country !

  • Vivian

    Don’t you ever thing about deport him, bitches. Even if he’s deported, he still can sing in Canada, cuz that’s where he was born. There no place like home…

    • Kalani

      Who the hell are you to say anything. No one so stfu

  • niyom bieber


  • bieberfever#1

    More then 70,000 haters??? Your have got to be kidding me! How come they don’t see the good in him? How come now in everyone’s eyes, theres full of hatred when it comes to him? Why can’t they see what we see? I’ve had enough with everyone hating on him so much, i understand that he makes bad decisions some times but he has also done really good things. His got a big heart but he won’t show it to them, now when he does show them all they say is its for publicity. I’m sick and tired of how my teachers at school tell me how his a brat or even an animal. I’m sick and tired of my friends telling me that everything he does is fake and that their idol is better. WHY CAN’T THEY SEE WHAT WE SEE? But this is just sick. A petition to deport him is just sick!

  • Nicole Sanchez

    First of all Justin needs to learn his lesson and never do it again they should not deport him never that’s wrong

  • jennythebelieber

    well i think they shouldnt deport him becuzz he saved lives of gurls tht use to mess up there body he told usbeliebers tht everythings gonna be alright

  • Robert

    The person who had the idea to come up with this petition is a moron and I guessed he failed Government in High School and has no idea what is a crime that will get you deported.

  • QueenLe

    100,00+ now LOL
    There not haters BTW
    There people who have every right to have an opinion on this
    It doesn’t matter what you think till your 18+

  • Megan

    Screw you all..how would you feel if you could be deported!
    Annoying ass bitches!
    And that’s how I feel about this whole situation:-)

    • QueenLe

      I was born here so it’s not a problem