Backstreet Boys A.J. McLean Offers Support for Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber AJ Backsteet boys

Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean is offering strong words of support for fellow musician Justin Bieber.

At the Friends N’ family Pre Grammy Party Saturday, AJ told Life & Style he believe Justin was a “good kid” despite his recent run-in with the law following his DUI arrest on Thursday.

He’s not a bad kid. He’s a good kid, he’s talented and good looking he just needs to surround himself with better people that don’t yes him to death and tell him right from wrong.

AJ also reflected on how much tougher it was these days to be in the public eye:

I was just talking about that this morning with my wife. I was like now the scrutiny is so much worse because people just wanna bring you down and he did have a lot of success at a very young age.

But I think they are blowing it out of proportion, he is doing what any 19 year old would do. Granted when I was 19 I wasn’t peeing in buckets but I was throwing toilette paper on peoples cars, I was a kid.

I think they are making it a little worse but if there are drugs involved I think he needs to get a little bit of help.

AJ wouldn’t say whether or not he believed Justin should go to rehab, but that whatever JB decides to do he plans to offer his personal support.

I’m going to reach out to his management, see if he wants to do a little pow wow and take him under my wing, and maybe see if he will actually hear me.

AJ and his fellow Backstreeters had the benefit of being surrounded by “really supportive people who didn’t ‘Yes’ us to death.”

Who knows who he’s surrounding himself with that are egging him on, no pun intended.

One of the first things I would say is one of the tattoos that I have on me that says, “What are you doing? Are you trying to prove something to yourself? Are you trying to prove something to the press and the media? Are you trying to flip everyone the bird and say, ‘I can do what I want!’? Or are you trying to ask for help and you’re not going about it the right way?” This could be a cry for help for all we know.

Hopefully he’ll want to sit down and we can have a little chat. Obviously he has to go through what he’s going through, and hopefully he comes out the other end a better, stronger human being.

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