Believe Movie – Just Few More Days in Theaters

justin bieber movie believe poster

Justin Bieber’s Believe movie left few days in theater. The movie directed by Jon M Chu, showing the real side of Justin, screened on Christmas Day but was reported not doing well in earnings, making only $3.1 million in its first 3 days – according to Box Office Mojo.

The Believe Movie was believed to clear up the reputation of Justin in 2013 in which he shown up as bad boy – according to the media. However, “Beliebers” have shown never-failing passion to Justin by supporting the movie “Believe”.

Though the BELIEVE is going off from big screen in few days. However DVD will come out soon.

Have you watched BELIEVE yet?

  • dchopsey

    I was not able to see the Believe Movie. Was not shown close enough for me to get to; but hopefully soon it will be on DVD. As soon as it hits DVD, as a “true Belieber” I will be purchasing it. From other Beliebers, have heard such great comments about it. To bad the haters did not want to see Justin in this movie; they may have change their hearts. GOD bless u Justin.

  • rb

    The movie cost 5 Mil to make, so any monies over the production cost is considered a profit. Not the big profits as “Never Say Never,” and worldwide profits have not been counted as of yet. There is no consensus form Rotten Tomato, however Justin music Monday’s, and it’s by far certainly is not a failure. Journals album took over the US charts at #1 for 4 days, also bumping off Beyonce from the #1 position.

  • Hannah Bieber

    the reason why the movie didn’t do too good is bcuzz it was released during the holidays and not a lot of people have time to go to the movies bcuzz there spending time with their family and stuff.also bcuzz of all the rumors that the media said about him made people not want to see it but I watched it and the movie was amazing.i loved it so much <3 I cant wait for the DVD could come out so I could watch it all the time :)

  • Belieber

    It was an amazing movie. So glad when it comes to DVD soon, cause I’m going to watch it everyday :)

  • Belieber Nessie

    Believe was amazing and Haterz gonna hate but we believers r 10times stronger than them!!! And thnx for saving my life c: god bless u Justin Belieber always and forever <3