Billy Ray Cyrus Invites Justin Bieber to his Farm to Talk (Video)

Bill Ray Cyrus Justin Bieber

Miley Cyrus’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus has some advice for Justin after his DUI arrest last week — to slow things down a bit — and he also said he’d be happy to invite Justin to his farm.

When asked on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards by ET’s Nancy O’Dell about JB’s run-in with the law while visiting Miami Beach, Fla, Billy said:

I would invite him down to the farm, hang out at the teepee. Build a fire, you know, get some 4-wheelers out and watch the hawks, and the turkey. Count the deer, and just get back to life for a little bit.

Actually that is my invitation to Justin. Bring your dad, come on down to the farm, and let’s just build a fire and just talk about it.


  • Cassie

    That’d be really good for Justin…

    • Justin heart Bieber

      These people need to shut up wit their fake ass support it takes Justin Bieber to get arrested for every former pop start to help him out and claim to support him where the hell were they when he really needed it. He needs his mom she will help him somehow

  • Sinthia

    I didn’t know Miley Cyrus dad was at the Grammy.And no he doesn’t need to talk to Justin Usher got this cause he the one that had him famous.

    • Kalani

      Uh I would think billy Ray Cyrus is a lot more experience and probably been there where Justin is.after all he’s Miley dad. They would know a thing or two.

  • nicki

    That will be really nice to enjoy nature, I bet Justin will luv to do that will Billy and his Dad on the farm. Luv you Guys. :)

    • Kalani

      Besides the media blows things way out of proportion

  • Belieber

    That’s nice of him, but usher has him. I think he will do the job.

  • C blanchett

    Very nice, I hope he really means it and nott rying to fix him up with Miley…..BTW, why does he not try and slow Miley down first? otherwise, I understand what he is tryin got say. Yes, Justin needs to get away from the parties, bad, selfish people and calm down in the nature.

  • hannah bieber

    awwwww i appreciate him trying to help justin <3 i think it will be good for him

  • Kalani

    Besides billy Ray Cyrus seems like a very caring guy. Also Miley and Justin are very close friends

  • Justin’s belieber

    Aww like man to man convo. , I think Billy is actually going to help, I mean if Justin’s best friends it’s Miley then Billy should b like a second dad . He seems caring

  • ivone

    Kick him while he is down, a typical media reaction. They will ridicule, mock, reject, insult, abandon and betray. Please remember JB, we are praying asking GOD to elevate you against all your enemies.