Canadian Radio Bans Justin Bieber Music till he goes to Rehab


An Ottawa radio station Hot89.9 FM is banning Justin Bieber’s music, in an effort to send him a message to “get help,” following his Thursday arrest on suspicion of DUI, drag racing and driving with an expired license.

The Hot 89.9 FM Program Director Josie Geuer said the campaign—dubbed #HotBansBieber—started Thursday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. local time.

We just felt like that was almost the last straw….we thought banning his music would be one of the only ways to sort of get his attention—perhaps the label, perhaps him personally.

We realize that a lot of them look up to pop icons like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez. So it was our way of saying–especially him being a fellow Canadian—it was just our way of saying, “Look Justin, we really care. You’re not being a good role model right now, get some help.”

Geuer noted the campaign’s press release was sent to JB’s label with no response as of Friday (Jan24) at noon.

Should Justin go to rehab?

HERE’s HOT 89.9 official announcement via Hot889.com

Ban Justin Bieber hot899

We here at The New Hot 89.9 love Justin Bieber for his hit music. What we don’t love is the way he’s been acting recently….

Thursday morning at 4:00am, in Miami, Florida, Justin was arrested and charged with DUI, resisting arrest, drag racing and driving without a valid license. Justin reportedly told police that he had consumed some alcohol, and that he had been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication.

Well Hotties… desperate times call for desperate measures!


Starting now we are BANNING all of Justin Bieber’s music on The New HOT 89.9! The ban will not be lifted until Justin gets the help that he clearly needs.

Let Justin know you want him to get better and get back to making hit music.

  • Jaqui Biebz

    The only rehab he needs is love

    • John Ferrari

      Justins biggest problem is his PALS>He has to stop trying to be MACHO to them and get rid of them and start again>All they want is his money and cars>Justin you must see this

    • niyom bieber

      i agreee wid u!!! @jaqui biebz

  • Belieber

    I think its stupid that they’re doing this.

  • Jaqui Biebz

    In my opinion its not necessary for him to go to rehab i just think he needs more attention from his mom annd his team after what his dad did that is up my only hope for him is to learn from his lesson and that this dont repeat again

  • Sinthia

    If he acting like this nobody is not going to look up to him and buying his album so yes send to go to rehab before he get even worst it seems like he really need help do something about it what are they waiting for if they don’t do what they suppost to is the only way is to send him back to his country because is sad to hearing about this boy getting in trouble.

    • Kalani

      Uh hello, he has every right to be in the US. No one can tell him that he can’t be here. There not the judge

      • wow

        You are dumb as a door knob. Being in the united states is a PRIVLIDGE. If you come into another country and break the law they can kick you out!. So no it is NOT Justin’s right to be here.

      • Kalani

        @wow, seriously STFU. Who are you calling dumb. Says the one who disses him. Half of the stories aren’t even true

  • Jay

    Love doesn’t cure addiction, rehabilitation does. You can tell an addict you love him a million times over, the addiction and the ‘need’ for whatever he’s addicted to is always going to win. JB needs help, and not a million ‘i love yous’ or else your idol is gonna die or kill someone else.

    • Smilesometime

      I love Justin , and I’m not going to stop, but he needs rehab, being a belieber isn’t making excuses for everything he does, it guiding him, helping him, and praying for him to be and go in the right direction, and right now rehab is the best choice, Demi went ( I think) and look how strong and great she is now, it’s not like where never going to see him again, I think it’s best for him to go

  • Liliana

    I hope Justin gets that help that he needs, I will always be with him, I love him so much, latin a beliber for life.

  • LM Bieber

    i love him so i tell that he needs to go on rehab if u love hi u have to give him the best he needs

  • Ayshia

    Justin get some new friends they are getting you into trouble and are not good role models please stop getting into trouble so that you can prove all the haters wrong text me on your email payshia@yahoo.com

  • hannah bieber

    I love Justin soo much but I do agree he needs to go to rehab.maybe its the right thing to do.hes been getting out of control.if he does go hopefully he will find himself again <3 I LOVE U JUSTIN <3

  • Kalani

    I feel sorry for him. The media make him out to be the bad guy. When clearly he’s not. He’s a good guy.

  • https://twitter.com/drxwstrong drxwstrong

    This is ridiculous. EVERYONE LISTEN UP!!!


    • Kalani

      I feel sorry for Justin. He’s just all around good guy.

    • Heath

      Prove it or shut up.

  • Honey

    He honestly doesn’t need rehab. He just really needs help dealing with depression as it is claimed and getting himself in line

  • RationalRob

    You guys are so much dumber than I ever thought. The way you make excuses for Justin is just pathetic it really is. You are the type of people who go to bed really thinking that one day you will marry Justin. This will not happen, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    Justin needs help. He needs real help. What you don’t know or understand is that he smokes weed everyday and has done for way longer than any of you may think. Weed is known as a ‘gateway drug’, which means although weed is pretty harmless it exposes you to the other types of drugs, such as cocaine which was found at his house. Combine that with his anti-depressants and you have a volatile mixture which leads to stupid and irresponsible behaviour.

    Rehab or even a recovery centre, whatever you want to call it, would be a great idea for him. He needs to get away from the cameras and get away from all of you/us, and learn about who he has become and ask himself if that’s who he wanted to be.

    Every time one of you says ‘we support you no matter what Justin’ that only legitimises his stupid behaviour and gives him a feeling of being above the law – this is your fault, this is our fault. Shame on all of us, let’s just leave him alone.

    • Sophie♥

      -.- What are you talking about
      Do even understand the word Belieber?
      Means we won’t leave his side ever
      He made a mistakes lots of stars done , but when Justin does something like that everyone is on his back
      I’m not saying what he did was right im just saying he made a mistake and rhe only peple who needs to leave him alone are all the Hate in the world-.-

      • No, no one should leave him alone, he needs to feel guilt

    • bb

      This is so true! These fans are always making excuses for him.he needs to go to rehab.

  • nicki

    He don’t need rehab. He Justin need support and people helping him with his depressions. He might feel like people don’t want to hear what he have to say or how he feel inside. :|


    Justin Bieber’s innocent then he doesn’t have go to rehab !

  • #1belieber

    He does need help. But that’s not the only thing he needs. He needs real friends and not gold diggers. All THEY want is to drive his cars and live in his mansions and then get him into trouble. And he needs love. The reason he’s taking anti-depressants is because there isn’t any real love sorounding him. That’s where us beliebers come in. We should show him love and support.

  • jaspin

    I’ve been in 4 different group homes, and am now in a family. I got so many chances. I think you deserve them 2

    Love Jaspin

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