Celebs & Friends React over Justin Bieber Egg Attack

Justin Bieber- eggattack

Few of Justin Bieber’s famous friends have hopped on Twitter to publicly defend him after police raided his Calabasas home, CA.

    • The guy that called the cops on Justin, who lives in Justin’s neighborhood, was Kylie’s friend and basically she’s calling him out on feeding into the same BS that Kylie and her family have to deal with as well.

  1. He has amazing friends that adore and love justin. He’s not a idiot. Joel Mchale is a moron. He’s stupid and very arrogant. He’s not even popular or in the top ten list.

  2. i don’t care if this is overthe top,I’m glad this is getting serious, i want to know what the truth is. I want to know if justin really egged that house and what’s going on with the whole lil za thing. I used to just take his words for everything, but apparently you have to doubt sometimes. I thought it was stupid when the police raided his house for eggs, but now that they’ve found drugs….I’msure he has used them too,not just lil za.

  3. I am very concerned for Justin. I think it’s time for a psyc. check. he never used to be like this. maybe something is wrong with him. selena has the right idea. he needs to take an anger management course before he gets into a jail offence. I haven’t heard anything about what started this with his neighbor. he seems to be constantly having trouble with this neighbor. I am thinking the neighbor might be a bit of a jerk. Justin seems to have trouble if someone is giving him a hard time.

  4. He is being trashed by the media with lies; he will not have a career if we don’t support him. He is fine; he just has to control who he has as friends or get rid of them. Some use drugs like molly or pot and could get him into trouble. He’s got to straighten himself up a little.

  5. I liked Nathan Sykes’ comment, it was kinda funny. I think Kylie Jenner was saying she isn’t gonna be a Belieber anymore? Maybe? But who cares, more for us!

  6. Drake Bell is attacking him as a talentless idiot. We are going to go to war against this guy; he won’t be able to show his face in public.

  7. These people tweeting are Justin’s true friends ♥♥ They are the ones Justin needs in his life..and his beliebers(including me)

  8. Justin may be in trouble police found the egging video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry but not on this site ANYMORE……. bye…….

  9. The police reaction: 1st ridiculous, 2nd outrageous, I am glad that other people thought the same as me not even being beliebers. LA police obviously are happy to go and see justin Bieber, or the opposite,they are bullying him., dunno. Or maybe, simply hope to get some money? He’s rich, sure, but this is shameful for LAPD.

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