Drake Bell Attacks Justin Bieber, Calling him Talentless & Idiot on Twitter

Justin Bieber-Drake Bell Fight

Drake Bell is attacking Justin Bieber again. He’s using the social networking site Twitter to blast Justin for allegedly egging his neighbor’s house late last week and his “talentless & artless” graffiti.

Drake Bell tweeted:

He later shared a picture of Justin’s graffiti art and tweeted:

Drake Bell Justin Bieber Diss

Drake later deleted the first tweet.

    • Yeah he has? He’s been busy just that his life is more private and he’s been doing concerts and not doing stupid shit in front of the paparazzi’s. True shouldn’t be saying this stuff but hey his right to say stuff like that. Welcome to USA & for the other comments I’m seeing yeah he may not be a actor but neither is justin, his acting sucked & hey drake acting sucked? Hmm he sucked so bad he was on a popular teen show and I know most of you who are older damn know that you used to watch it. And yes drake bell has been on tour around the world in fact. Acting is a hobbies for him he’s a musician,but o blah haha I know I’ll get hate but I’m a beliber but I was a drake and josh guy first haha and you guys have right to say drake is talantless blah blah ah just ignore this

  1. Drake has no talent. Hasn’t had a job since the early 2000. That he hasn’t been seen with anyone. Unless he’s broke or homeless

    • Drake hasn’t had a job since the early 2000s? Drake and Josh ran from 2004 to 2008 you Idiot! 2008 was only 5/6 years ago so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the early 2000s. He has a right to speak and voice his opinions, I mean I think opinions should be kept in people heads, but hey! Everyone has the right to speak don’t they? And it’s not as if Fandoms are able to keep opinions to themselves anyway!

  2. Wow, he’s at it again. Justin’s has so much talent, and is good at art. Drake bell is nothing. All he does is go on Twitter and diss Justin every chance he gets.

    • Umm actually, Drake does have buisness talking about Jutin like that, he has the right to say his opinions! Not everybody is gunna like Justin! Were all different here! I think opinions should be kept in peoples heads, but hey, everyone has the right to speak don’t they? ;)

  3. Drake needs to get a reality check. Just because his career went no where after Drake and Josh dosent mean he has to talk bad about Justin.

  4. I think drake is crazy he sounds like one of those creepy staplers that like to talk trash for attention . Plus justin doesn’t even respond to him because a nobody like a Radom hater on the internet

  5. Who the hell is this Drake and why should we be interested in his opinion? Honestly, he is using Justin’ s name to steal some of his limelight. Justin Bieber zone should NOT share such stupid news, really. Totally irrelevant news on Justin. I believe he makes great graffiti, I also tweeted it, so will now Justionbieberzone make news out of it? I would be much more interested what made Justin so angry that he should throw eggs on anyone. Probably, he had a good reason for it?

    • He from drake & josh is a funny t.v. show on Nickelodeon and icarly was in it I guess you weren’t born yet or you was just a baby at that time or your not from America if you never heard about that show it used to show back than around 2004.

  6. To get this straight Justin is really talented. So Drake need to stop being a hatter. Justin work really hard to accomplish his dreams. By the way I love his drawing. Justin is getting really good at it at least he trying and doing the best. Luv you Justin

  7. Drake Bell needs to shut up. Ain’t nobody check for his old ass. His just mad that he ain’t career. Justin got more talent in his pinky toe then Drake has in his whole body. So Drake Bell if you are reading this with your stalking ass, go set your broke ass down!

  8. wtf Drake Bell is such a loser. He knows he hasn’t been relavent in so many years, so he wants the attention. He is the only celebrity that trolls on twitter. Drake Bells needs to grow up, he is very immature.

    • Um. They also get arrested to. FYI. Prostituties also get picked on and no one will give them a job. Besides Justin is way talented then drake

  9. Drake bell should get a life he’s being really pathetic he’s just hating in people whose reaching success like really he’s just crying for attention

  10. that was harsh, Justin is talented, but he does need to be more grown up and responsible. ….And his graffities aren’t that great either…to be honest.

  11. Justin

    Stay strong & Stay clear of negative people because
    They will bring you down to were you will have nothing
    Or end up in jail.

  12. Drake has no right to speak bad things of Justin,he is just jelaous!! I am a BELIEBER and i love everything about JUSTIN and i support him in everything what he is doing ;) ;)

  13. Oh God,I really want to kill that idiot!Justin did nothing to him!This is soooo stupid and idiotic,he just showed us that he’s jelaous of Justin!I mean he doesn’t even know to act.


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