Elyar Fox Being Compared to Justin Bieber: ‘I’m doing my own thing’

Justin Bieber Elyar Fox

Elyar Fox: The next Justin Bieber?

Elyar Fox – the new hot pop sensation from London has already reached tens of millions views on YouTube with his new single ‘Do It All Over Again’ and been named one artist to watch by MTV in 2014.

Elyar Fox Singing “Boyfriend” (COVER).

The 18-year-old singer-songwriter spoke about the pressure of being branded the Next Justin Bieber.

I wouldn’t compare myself to anyone because I’m kind of doing my own thing and I’m just making the music I want to make and kind of just doing what I like, but obviously it’s going to happen because I’m 18. We’re all young, working in pop music, so it’s going to happen, the comparisons are going to be thrown out there, but I think it’s kind of a good thing at times to be compared to anyone that’s successful, but I’m doing my own thing.

Elyar Fox’s video interview:

Elyar Fox’s debut album is scheduled for release this summer 2014.

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