Eugenie Bouchard Boed After Admitting Wants to Date Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

Eugenie Bouchard - Justin Bieber INterview

Eugenie Bouchard booed after revealing crush on Justin Bieber during post-match Australian Open interview

Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard (19) has plenty of admirers around the world. But who would she date if she could pick anyone in the world?

When asked by commentator Sam Smith; “You’re getting a lot of fans here, a lot of them are male, and they want to know, if you could date anyone in the world of sport, of movies — I’m sorry, they asked me to say this — Who would you date?”

And Eugenie said rather unconvincingly: “Justin Bieber.”

And the crowd actually booed her response.

Curious about her love for Justin? She defended her status as a Belieber before.

She told in an interview last summer:

He gets so much hate, but I like some of his songs. And I respect him because he came from nothing and he became this mega-superstar and he does have talent.

Watch video below:

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