From Lolly

Justin Bieber - Lolly Shot outtake

Awesome pic from Lolly music video. Watch Lolly video here.

“Confident” coming soon.

13 comments on “From Lolly
    • nevaeh on said:

      I agree what girl does not love or like Justin bieber if you do not like him of love him you do not know what you are missing and I love you so much Justin

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  2. Kristen Bieber on said:

    You messin with the clique tho. Meet me on the sixth floor. Windows down, speakers loud. Lookin down at my sneakers now. Got so many features, tell the creatures just to beat it now. 50 for the necklace. Lookin down at my setlist. Gotcha girlfriend at my crib watchin netflix. Let’s just admit I’m the bestest. Guess this. You ain’t never ever on the guest list.
    -Kristen Bieber

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