High Profile Inmate – Justin Bieber Didn’t Get Special Treatment in Jail

Justin Bieber in Jail

According to E! News that Justin was indeed considered a “high-profile inmate,” but he was not given special treatment while inside.

He was issued a red jumpsuit, indicating his status as high-profile per a color-coding system used by the county, but was not set up for housing (ie. a longer stay) and therefore was not sent to cool his heels in the housing block. Rather, he was kept alone in a holding cell that was equipped with a bunk to sit on, but no mattress.

E! News source was unaware whether Justin was there during prisoner meal time, but if he was, he would have been given something to eat. When he was admitted the local outside temperature was in the low 60s.

Justin was escorted out of the holding cell to attend his bond hearing via satellite, after which he was taken back to the cell to wait until he was bailed out. After his camp had met the $2,500 amount, he was released.

  • Belieber

    I feel bad for him that he didn’t have no mattress and just staying in there by himself for hours.


      I’m GLAD there was no matress he should SUFFER every day life nobody should feel badfor him cus he is a loser

  • Sinthia

    Jail is not a good place to be.

  • Honey

    I feel bad for him but I think it is better for him that he wasn’t given special treatment and treated like any other inmate.

  • Ayshia

    Justin please dont get into any more trouble i love you and want to see lots of your hot face on your much videos love you and go to rehab so you can go back to being a normal young man and be sober and please email me at payshia@yahoo.com

  • hannah bieber

    awwwww poor Justin <3 .jail is not fun.hopefully now he learned his lesson

    • Kalani

      I feel sorry for him. He’s a high profile celeb. True. That doesn’t mean the media can do the hell they want. There idiots and tmz well hope bees eat them alive.

  • Kalani

    Im not alexa or elvis presley

  • Hunterhayesgirl

    They treated him fairly. He’s just another person just cuz he’s famous doesn’t mean he should get special treatment. He broke multiple laws & brought this on himself. He is getting what he deserves.

    • Taylor summerknightson

      You said he should be treated like normal people right. Tell me when a normal person got his mug shot tweeted out by the police department who arrested him not to mention the police report. No normal person would have that happen right they could of emailed it to the TV stations. It show me the police down here do not respect people privatecy.
      He will win and hope he sue the hell out of the city of Miami Beach.

  • Win

    Glad this shit got what h deserves am tired of defending this idiot and anyone defending him z a fool justin ndz help

    • Big Bubba

      Let see how well you do in Jail. Oh a by the way. It’s not how you look in jail that will get you rape. If you back talk some other inmate. He did it ok he He did start crying. I told him It’s ok you will get out fast then I will and I was right but about two hours after that I was release on bail as well. I think it was him. I know I am going back in I hope I do not see him because I will have to protect him. On the other hand if I see you in their you mine. Remeber that. I got a lot of friends in other prisons that you do not know about. Yes for your information Rape does happen, But it doesn’t happen a lot if someone wants to teach somebody a leason then it happens and after that it to the dogs which means other inmates.