Justin Bieber Allegedly Throws Eggs at Neighbor’s House [Video]

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The celebrity gossip site TMZ has posted a video that they claim proves Justin Bieber launched an egg attack on his Calabasas neighbor’s home on Jan 9, damaging the neighbor’s property.


According to TMZ, the neighbor called the police when his house was egged with about 20 eggs. The neighbor shot a video during the egg attack, and he can be heard arguing and screaming at the egg-thrower during the video.

During the clip, a voice is heard shouting back at the neighbor:

F–k you! I got another one for you, actually!


According to TMZ, Justin is now the suspect in a vandalism investigation, though as of press time, charges have yet to be filed against him.

Fox411 spoke with LA Sheriff’s Office who confirmed that they were called to investigate an egg-throwing incident in Justin’s neighborhood, though they would not confirm that Justin was the person of interest in the investigation.

Justin’s rep did not immediately return FOX411’s request for comment.


  1. Danggggg so immature…it did sound like Justin Wow wonder what possesed him to do that? Bet that neighbor and him have serios beef…for him to be actin dumblike that! Lol
    Video clip is hilarious!!!

    • omg it sounded exactly like him.. maybe he was drugged .. or something like that love you so much justin but youre making it hard on yourself ant you just stay out of trouble??

  2. look, when justin f*cks up don’t defend him.. just move on, he did egg that persons house. but i will say the guys house that got egged they tpeed justins house so he retaliated. that part just didnt get out in the news yet. but justin did mess up on this one.

  3. Are they sure he throw eggs at his neighbor house or it could be somebody else that looks like JB because some boys trying to act like him.

  4. Idk bout you, but it sounds fake. I understand that its Justin’s voice but it sounds pre- recorded. TMZ is a bunch of assholes tryna start all this bull with rumors again with him! #pissed -_-

  5. Its a recording… it took a while for Justin to reply and the noise in the background of Justins voice… cmon easy to tell they were obviously faking the egg throwing.. it is Justin’s voice but its from other videos that he recorded and the guy just kept playing and pausing it.

    • Well fuck u prik there is no need to write nasty and uncalled for comments he’s done nothing wrong o u so leave him the fuck alone. And as for the short SHORT clip it was fucking prerecorded u couldn’t see anyone or even any eggs being tossed. Oh yea and as for all the other ‘incidents’ that u hear from those f-kwits TMZ there just a gossip show that sprout the word of saint in just to get rid of Justin. So bieber haters give us believers five good reasons of why u hate him so much.
      Your biggest boy belieber daniel

  6. Wow…they recorded it…and played it over the video…
    People are that bored and have no life!
    They are so rich and need to sell Drama to TMZ??? Man you cant tell who is throwing, but I heard Justin live and thsts his voice : /

  7. That is Justin’s voice, but I’m keeping my PROMISE that neighbor is loud ALWAYS with you justin……. and selena too.

  8. Wow I guess it’s true then about to cry….. losing justin is the worse feeling in the world we love u baby sincerely your beliebers……. thanks…..

  9. It had to have been Justin…or one of his friends…because it’s gated community right? some random kids couldnt have done it, it had to be someone who lives in the community…I dont know whats happening :\

  10. I dont know who to believe, cause TMZ spreads lies most the time, so should we believe them now? Even if it really does sound like Justin, but sounds pre-recoreded, sounds like they stopped and played Justin’s voice.

  11. Remember the guy who said Justin spat on him a few months ago but his complaint was thrown out? That’s him. Also, remember the black football player who claimed Justin was speeding in his car but a video shows Tyler the creator was driving? He also is involved in this. Finally, I saw a tweet from that guy in this video in which it is said stuff was thrown in Justin’s property before this. This could have been a set up.

    • What’s next is TMZ going to say about Justin. Justin and Taylor Lautner got into a fight over Selena. Then Taylor Told justin that’s he’s marry Selena.

  12. Also, who is the one who is cursing in the video?, not Justin who only said f–k you. The video does not show Justin at all and it has the TMZ watermark on it; TMZ may have been involved in this.

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