Justin Bieber Apologized to the Eggs – SNL (VIDEO)


The funny people of Saturday Night Live have message for Justin Bieber.

With SNL‘s great Kate McKinnon imitating Justin and Taran Killam playing Piers Morgan interviewing him, Justin is asked about the infamous egg pelting incident.

Justin says: “I want to apologize to the eggs”.

But when asked by Piers how old he is, Justin replies: “40 or maybe 5. We’ll go with the ‘5.’”


  • believerforever

    they are just freaking liars

    • Justin heart Bieber

      No they r just freakin idiots I wish they would stop portraying Justin as a kid he’s 19 years old

  • rb

    NSL did a good job on the Selena tattoo, except the watch goes on the left hand unless he’s wearing two watches.

    • Sinthia

      Lol yeah they sure did lol!

    • Alexa

      There idiots. Who does that. justin is a good guy. I love Justin.

  • Justin heart Bieber

    Justin is way sexier than that

    • jennifer bieber

      Especially since thats a girl

  • Belieber

    They are idiots

  • Sinthia

    You guys don’t even get the joke.

  • Bieber Gurl 3

    jealous nieve b*tches leave justin alone and stop making up bs lies you people have no f*cking life

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    that was Hilarious…they did good! …. lol I think Im 5!




      Should be haters . I’m sorry !

  • Anesa

    Hilarious . Justin didn’t have any fault. Haters everywhere :p
    But this was a really funny story :P

  • nicki

    They need to stop being idiots. Who does that to act like they Justin. :|

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