Justin Bieber Cameo in Mally Mall “Wake Up In It” Music Video ft. Tyga, Kingston, Montana & Pasha T

Justin Bieber Mally Mall Wake Up in it Cameo

Look for cameo from Justin Bieber starting at 2:26.


Mally Mall – “Wake Up In It” Official music video (ft. Tyga, Sean Kingston, French Montana, Pusha T).

Producer-turned-rapper Mally Mall throws a party with some of his famous friends in the extravagant video for “Wake Up In It.” Tyga, French Montana, Sean Kingston, and Pusha T crash at his Calabasas mansion in the Mike Ho-directed clip. The fellas play poker, while scantily-clad ladies strut around.

  1. I hope Justin gets to work with Sean Kingston and his friend tyga. Both are super talented. And of course there both are Justin’s boys.

  2. its a good song but he didn’t really come on there:( .he just walked by then left.they should’ve let him play the game with them or something.i think that was racist bcuzz they just used him for a small part :( its a good song tho it would’ve been better if Justin was in the video more :(

  3. Awesome! Justin thou did Great. You to Tyga. That’s a Cool Video. Tyga is a the best friend that Justin had. Justin also said that. Luv you Justin and Tyga.

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